Barcode Kickstarter Pack

Apply for 10 Globally Recognised HK Barcodes at Discounted Price



                                                                   GS1 HK Barcode

Get 10 Hong Kong Barcodes starting with prefix “489” for 1 year at only $1,500 




Join “Barcode Kickstarter Pack” to become GS1 HK member and enjoy the following benefits:

Benefits of GS1 Barcodes

  • List your products in retail stores & e-commerce platforms worldwide 

  • Free product listing on Google Shopping
  • Optimise online searchability on Google, generate website traffic, or even drive sales for free 
  • Enjoy faster & more convenient custom clearance with barcodes (GTINs), learn more 
  • Use GS1 HK 1QR for free, which empowers companies to connect with consumers and helps build consumer confidence by providing diverse product information 
  • Enhance supply chain efficiency by using barcodes to manage inventory, replenishment & delivery etc 

Learn more about barcode benefits

GS1 HK Membership Entitlement

  • Manage all member-related issues online & learn about latest industry trends on GS1 Member Portal for FREE
  • Use BarcodePlus, a product information portal, for FREE
  • Complimentary training on barcodes (including introduction to SEO) to learn about barcode allocation rules, barcode utilisation, product digital identity, online searchability etc
  • Join GS1 HK networking & business exchange events 
  • Customer support 




Application Requirement

  • New small/ micro businesses with less than 9 employees; and 
  • Companies established for 5 years or less; and 
  • Companies who have never applied for GS1 barcodes (GTINs) from GS1 HK 

Companies like retailers/ suppliers that comply all the 3 requirements above are eligible to apply for 10 Hong Kong barcodes for only HK$1,500. After the first year, companies can renew their annual subscription with the same price or even upgrade to full membership to continue using the barcodes. 

Details of full membership:

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