Life Science Organization New Zealand Limited

Mr. Raymond Fung, Director of Life Science was invited to share his experience in cooperating with GS1 Hong Kong in this members’ stories series. See how Value + product authentication solution helps his company to combat counterfeits.





Life Science is confronted with the threat of rampant counterfeiting in Mainland China. It has also to deal with a market inundated with low-quality health supplements. The twin problems seriously imperil brand images and the credibility of the industry as a whole. Furthermore, of equal concern, it puts the safety of consumers in jeopardy.

To solve these issues, Life Science has employed GS1 Hong Kong’s innovative solution Value+. With incredible ease and convenience, consumers can validate the authenticity of Life Science products by simply scanning the QR codes on product authentication label with their mobile phone. The authentication system has effectively protected the brand image and boosted consumer confidence in the purchase and use of its products. In the process, it has also helped build and maintain loyalty and the strong ties between the business and customers.




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