Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards


The 2018 Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards were recognized and rewarded for delivering continuous and exemplary standards in promoting user experience and business sales via digital portals or websites. The awards recognise websites that have raised the bar for user experience and achieved phenomenal sales growth and is the most prestigious event for Hong Kong’s retail industry organised jointly between GS1 Hong Kong and Retail Asia Expo. The awards will be announced and awarded at the Retail Asia Expo 2018.

Deadline:27th May 2018

Announcement of Result – 12 June 2018 at Retail Asia Expo


Judging Criteria

  •  Innovation - lateral solutions, paradigm busting innovations, leading edge contributions, industry leadership.
  • Customer Service - ease of contact and responsiveness, management of requests and complaints from customers, customer testimonials provided, refund policy and privacy practices published.
  • Site Effectiveness - professionalism in achieving website goals, website traffic & statistics, potency of impact, prompts to action.
  • User Friendliness - ease of use, aids, tools and help resources, interface functionality, clarity and simplicity.
  • Human Interaction Efficiency - customer/surfer interaction processes, membership and community facilities, Email lists, newsletters, newsgroups, chat, other value-added services provided.
  • Search Engine Effectiveness - effective use of titles, meta tags, page content, keyword relevancy, accuracy of summary descriptions, clarity of purpose. 
  • Branding Differentiation - strength of logo, label and other psychological, perceptual and emotional, "anchors" of brand, marketing strategy, viral marketing, ethical utilization of email, chat and community forums. 


Judging Panel


  • Mignone Cheng
    Cheif Marketing Officer, GS1 Hong Kong
  • Corinna Fung
    Head of Corporate Marketing, GS1 Hong Kong
  • Daniel Cheung
    General Manager, UBM HKES
  • Dennis Shi
    Co-founder of Mezzofy

Review 2018 

Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards 2018

Congratulations to the Top 10 eCommerce Website winners in 2018:

Winners Company name Rationale

Chow Tai Fook
Jewellery Co Ltd.

('s stylish design attracts a broad range of customers with top-notch photos. The 360 Virtual Tour feature allows online users to have an interesting tour from the back-end logistics distribution centre to the front-end cultural centres. Stylish, with 360 virtual tour


( offers a wide range of skin care products and cosmetics. With over 30,000 items from over 750 brands, the categorization of products in the website remains very clear for users to navigate, coupled with its easy international shipping function, creating an excellent shopping experience for all shoppers. Branding differentiation


( illustrates a clear brand and item categorization at the main page, making it convenient for customers to browse and shop. Zalora uses product videos and other multi-media to lengthen the customers shopping time and hence create more purchase opportunities. Branding differentiation + clear and good categorization, video experience

Watson's Wine

('s all round classification of wine allows customers to make purchase based on different criteria. The company offers wine-tasting event and a lot of wine knowledge to encourage interaction with customers. The wine storage service also provides a good channel for wine lovers to grow their attachment to the brand. Human interaction efficiency

Pricerite Stores Ltd.

( provides a user-friendly shopping platform for different customers. Shoppers can find the information they want effectively and pay smoothly. Its latest service, TMF, a furniture customization service, provide users with VR experience and online status check to closely engage with customers. User friendly, Site Effectiveness

NIKE Hong Kong Ltd.

( has modern designs which are simple yet eye-catching. The sophisticated design provides easy navigation for browsers and visual story-telling elements to elevate the overall experience. Modern, easy to browse, story telling


(​ features vivid designs and informative messages to target customers. Customers can save their favourite items and share them by Facebook. Each item in the website is categorized in different key words so that customers could be able to view other items with similar characteristics. User friendly


( is one of the leading hotel-booking website which has modern designs and attractive promotion materials. The shortcut links on main page direct the bookers to their target destinations. The search engine provides clear and accurate results with customer ratings and reviews to gain customer trust. Modern design, easy to search & browse, accurate & clear search results with ratings & reviews


( has gained its popularity in recent years due to distinctive online and offline promotional campaigns. The innovative and multi-device friendliness of the website provides quality user experience. The live customer service chat room further enhances the customer service level and strengthen customer trust. Branding differentiation

Giordano Ltd.

('s simple and clean designs enable customers to view the short product description and promotional materials at a quick glimpse. The distinct product taxonomy offers easy access to specific items with comprehensive product details and characteristics. clean design, easy to browse, comprehensive information and details


Award Presentation Ceremony

The nomination of Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards finished on 27 May 2018 while the results were announced at Retail Asia Expo 2018 on 12 June 2018. Many industry leaders gathered and witnessed this meaningful event.

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Review 2017 

Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards 2017

Congratulations to the Top 10 eCommerce Website winners in 2017:

Winners Company name Rationale

Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Limited

( demonstrates a consistent branding with its logo, stylishly-designed website and diverse promotional campaigns. The effective use of social media platforms greatly enhances customers’ engagement and the instant online chat room provides quality customer services.

KMall - Baby Kingdom

( successfully showcases innovative and lateral solutions in the babies product market. The accurate use of titles, meta tags, page content and keywords highly increase the efficiency of search engine and help the web page to achieve its goal.

( makes practical and effective use of the cloud services to integrate and analyze all online marketing channels. The 100-night trial policy and 15 years warranty helps to differentiate its brand.

Pandora A/S

(’s fashionable design successfully attracts more target customers. The clarity and simplicity of the user-friendly site allows customers to have a quality purchase experience.

Wing on International Holdings Limited

( continuously secures the leading position in the travel industry with distinctive promotional campaigns. The innovative and multi-device friendliness of the website is one of the keys to provide a quality user experience to maintain long-term customer relationship. They offer equally quality experience of their website on desktop, mobile app and tablet.

Dyson LTD.

( offers convenient and easy order placement process online and provides flexible delivery services. The simple yet attractive design of the website successfully attracted buyers.


( enables customers to collect purchased items in more than 300 Circle K stores across districts in Hong Kong and customers can pay after product delivery. It offers customers a convenient shopping experience with omni-channel retail via online and offline services.


( makes use of online platform and social media to sell local and typical products with local characteristics. The promotion via touching microfilms demonstrate the tactful use of social media to interact with customers. The site is also very user-friendly to let customers enjoy the purchase process. 

( creates customer shopping experience with smooth and easy order process as well as fast and efficient delivery internationally. Providing the real inside story from shoppers to read, write and review their services is an extra bonus points to gain the customer trust of the site.

(  illustrated effective interaction via online and offline services. Offering customer services localization such as whatsapp, bridging out friendly customer interaction.


Award Presentation Ceremony

The nomination of Top 10 e-Commerce Websites finished on 13 June 2017 while the results is announced at the Retail Asia Expo on 13 June 2017, industry leaders gathered and witness this meaningful event.

Review 2016 

Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards 2016

Congratulations to the Top 10 eCommerce Website winners in 2016:

Winners Company name Rationale


( provides a one-stop portal shopping experience with effective display of content, clear categorization of products and well-developed customer hotline. Brand differentiation is demonstrated via its distinctive design of online store, through which customers can experience interface functionality, clarity and simplicity.

Bonjour Holidings Limited

( provides consumers convenience with diverse secure payment methods, including credit cards, UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat, PayPal, and Lakala. Hong Kong and Mainland customers can pay in their preferred channel and enjoy user-friendliness in purchase process. Multi-device friendliness of both web and mobile versions of the online store provide seamless shopping experience to customers.

Bossini Enterprises Limited

( successively conquers the leading position in the retail apparel industry with distinctive promotional campaigns. The efficient order process, world-wide delivery and after-sale caring service on its online shopping site are keys to build long-term customer relationship.

Chow Sang Sang Holdings International Limited

( illustrates a prestigious brand equity with its logo, label and website design and composition of content. Multi-device friendliness is demonstrated through operation efficiency and compatibility of its online store. The high resolution of photo preview function allows stunning visual display of products at different angles, showing the bona fide images of the actual products.


( offers omni-channel shopping experience with effective logistics, customer services and in-store support. With clear layout, customers can easily find information for their preferences. The collaboration with Circle K enables customers to enjoy convenience in collecting purchased items at more than 300 locations in Hong Kong.

Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Limited

( provides seamless shopping experience to customers with omni-channel retailing, which combines social media promotion campaigns, online and offline services. Customers can purchase online and receive products in stores. Consistency of prestigious and glamorous perceptions with its branding is conveyed through its website design.


( is more than just an online store, it tailors customer personal preferences based on their viewed items to accurately provide related products. The comprehensive customer service allows payment after product delivery, valid refund policy, and prompt service hotline. Promotional effectiveness is demonstrated by remarketing campaigns on social media sites.

Nike, Inc.

( creates customer shopping experience with smooth order process, fast and efficient delivery and caring customer services. Photo preview is shown with details in different perspectives. The images are identical with the actual products in customers’ expectations. Remarketing campaigns enable precise suggestions of products that suit for customer preferences.


( offers user-friendliness with website features including clear categorization and search bar with suggestions. High search engine effectiveness is achieved for both generic and long-tail keywords that related to luggage and suitcase. Customers are able to enjoy smooth order process and comprehensive customer services supported by its online store.


( updates customers with the brand’s latest and fast moving apparel items that are synchronized and available at both online shopping site and physical stores. Stylish design of website is multi-device friendly. Free store delivery of online purchase is offered to enhance convenience for customers.


Award Presentation Ceremony

The nomination of Top 10 e-Commerce Websites finished on 16 June 2016 while the results is announced at the Retail Asia Expo on 16 June 2016, industry leaders gathered and witness this meaningful event.

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Review 2015 

Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards 2015

Congratulations to the Top 10 eCommerce Website winners in 2015:

Winners Company name Comments from Judging Panel

Bossini Enterprises Limited


Bossini has developed an advanced social media platform, generating outstanding branding differentiation and enhanced consumer engagement and interaction.

Canon Hongkong Company Limited


Canon makes an exceptional record ofsearch engine effectiveness, social media integration, and seamless order process via its efficient omni-channel.

eprint Group Limited


e-print’s powerful online self-service platform together with superior printing services has enabled it to achieve remarkable business successes in past years.

Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) Limited


Lane Crawford ’s e-business has shown tremendous traction with customers globally, experiencing high triple digit growth year-on-year in sales and number of orders.

Lingsik King Limited


Lingsik King offers a cost effective branding differentiation which is reinforced by the consistency of logo branding, viral digital marketing, utilisation of email and chat, and community fora.

Nike H.K. Ltd.


Nike’s peerless digital marketing,search engine effectiveness and social media integration highlighting its simple order process make it stand out from its competitors.

PARKnSHOP (HK) Limited


PARKnSHOP has successfully harmonized shopping experiences via various digital portals, creating extra consistency and reliability in terms of consumer perception.

Pricerite Group Limited


Pricerite’s simplified online order process and efficient consumer services have gained the company a competitive edge against other online stores.

Sony Corporation of Hong Kong Limited


Sony’s innovative online shopping site for the electronics has integrated effective digital marketing channels such as search engine and social media platform, an organic combination enhancing Sony’s leading role.



ZUJI’s diversified products and services has managed to cater different tastes among millions of Hong Kong travelers. Offering matchless deals makes it extremely appealing to potential customers.


Award Presentation Ceremony

The nomination of Top 10 e-Commerce Websites finished on 31 April 2015 while the results is announced at the Retail Asia Expo on 9 June, 2015, industry leaders gathered and witness this meaningful event.

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Review 2014

Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards 2014

Congratulations to the Top 10 eCommerce Website Awards winners in 2014:

Winners Company name Reasons of Winning

ebay Innovative solutions and services for shoppers  Diversified product selection One-stop online shop for electronics
Reebonz  One of the largest online luxuries sites in SE Asia 
Rukuten  Japan’s largest online shopping mall  Cosmetic online portal with excellent back-end support
T-Mall (TaoBao)  Market leader with biggest e-commerce market share 
Wai Yuen Tong  Innovative online shopping site for Chinese herbal products 
Wellcome  One-stop shopping convenience for customers
Zalora  Fast growth in Asia 


Award Presentation Ceremony

Top 10 e-Commerce Websites were named at the Award Presentation Ceremony on 10 June, 2014. All winning websites demonstrate a very high standard of design, accessibility, content, originality, professionalism and effectiveness, and are continuously committed for website excellence.

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