Barcode Scan@WeChat

Unlock enormous social commerce opportunities with WeChat barcode scan

WeChat ‘Scan QR Code’ function can now be used for scanning barcode that registered at GS1 HK. This not only offers a chance to connect you with consumers, but also opening up immense business opportunities in the social space.

As our members, after you input and upload your product information onto GS1 HK’s BarcodePlus platform, the information will be linked to the WeChat database, enabling WeChat users to gain instant access to your latest product information when they scan the barcode on your product(s) through the ‘Scan QR Code’ function.



Values to the Businesses and Consumers


This connection to WeChat platform will help you: 

  • Enhance your product visibility in omni-channels;
  • Achieve word-of-mouth promotion when consumers share your product information with friends through WeChat share function;
  • Boost your sales as WeChat users can go straight to your designated e-commerce website and purchase the product with a simple click.


*Remarks: Final data shown on WeChat is subject to the decision from Tencent.




  1. WeChat users scan the barcode on product with the ‘Scan QR Code’ function
  2. Product information recorded in BarcodePlus information platform pop-up with product images, brand name, product name, product description, landing page and pricing


Example (Reference Only)


Eligibility for Merchant using Barcode Scan @WeChat:

  • Barcodes registered at GS1 HK
  • You must be the brand owner or the legitimate user(s) of the relevant barcode(s)
  • You must register your product(s) and barcode information on the BarcodePlus platform



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