Smart kiosk

Fuel Better Consumer Experience & Drive Business with Valuable Insights

Shoppers are looking for a different in-store experience: more information, more personalization and more convenience. GS1 Smart Kiosk is packed with the latest IoT (RFID & video analytics) and AI (data analytics and predictive analysis) technologies, transforming retailers into connected, data-driven smart retail; creating a richer, more personalized experience for customers and drive sales & marketing for retailers.



Interactive shopping experience & real time customer engagement.

Deep understanding of consumer profile & behavior  

Guided selling with accurate & latest product information.

Integrate with digital coupon solution to optimize promotion effectiveness.

Connected retail platform that enables immediate on-line purchase and direct check out.

Drive sales with innovative in-store marketing

Data-driven marketing based on customer insights

Integrated technologies of IoT, AI and video analytics

Touch Screen Kiosk Display

Provide up-to-date product information and create immersive shopping experience.

Digital Coupons

Drive Sales and increase customer loyalty.

Personalised Product Recommendations

Based on AI and machine learning to significantly increase conversions.

Sales Performance

Consumer Profiling & Segmentation

Sales Performance

Concertina Set

Smart Kiosk Leaflet



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