1) Application Fee after subsdise: HKD 3,200 (Original Fee: HKD 9,600)
** This course has been included in the list of registered public courses under the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) by VTC – (Click here to learn more)
– with up to HK$6,400 subsidy for each eligible applicant

2) Completion of the course is eligible for applying  75 CPD points (CPD Accreditation) accredited by CILTHK (The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in Hong Kong).

3) A course jointly organized with EmblocSoft, the only official organization providing CPFA (Certified Professional for Apache projects) qualifications - certifications powered by Apache; and partnered with OpenCertHub, the sole channel to provide examination service for CPFA in APAC.

​4) Acquiring the official CPFA (Certified Professionals for Apache projects) Certification upon Completion of the Whole Course 
1) CPFA Certified Citizen Data Scientist 
2) CPFA Certified Citizen Data Scientist for Retail Supply Chain 

Enquiry: Mr. Ng | Tel: +852 2863 9753 | Email: training@gs1hk.org

Most companies today are sitting on top of enormous piles of data.  Retail supply chains that can harness the power of big data have a distinctive competitive advantage by becoming more responsive, demand-driven and customer centric. Yet, there are too few data scientists available to implement supply chain analytics.  

​This fundamental level course (Module 1) allows any user to apply Big Data Analytics skills in retail supply chain.  By attending the training, users will be equipped with the ability to apply data analytic tools to help the company discover insights and business intelligence to optimize business excellence.

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Planner
  • Product Manager
  • Marketing Manager

•    Understand how complex data of a retail supply chain can be standardized and leveraged to deliver meaningful results that improve business challenges
•    Assess a company’s overall supply chain efficiency
•    Learn real life examples on how analytics can be applied to various domains of a supply chain to generate significant impact
•    Become self-sufficient in data technologies and self-service data analytic platforms
•    Gain special skills in data retrieval, data analysis and data visualization

The course is designed to be practical and allow any users to quickly apply new skills to real world problems and work with real dataset.  At the end of the program, you can expect to be able to apply big data analytic skills on large data sets that will demonstrate your ability to add value to your job as a data scientist, especially in the retail supply chain domain.  

2 Days
•    Retail supply chain fundamental and global standards
•    IOT maturity measurement for supply chain
•    Big data fundamental and tools for A.I.
•    Get certificate in Big Data Fundamental for Apache projects
•    Get certificate in Retail Supply Chain Fundamental

4 Days
•    Deep dive on retail supply chain identification and data capture
•    Global case sharing
•    Explore datasets on Apache Hadoop
•    Get certificate in Apache Hadoop User
•    Get certificate in Retail Supply Chain Identification & Data Capture

4 Days
•    Retail supply chain essentials and data sharing
•    Create data mining model and visualisation with Apache advanced presentation tools for insights discovery
•    Get certificate in Apache Hadoop Engineer
•    Get certificate in Retail Supply Chain Data Sharing & Traceability

*Attendees should bring their own notebooks





20 Jan


透过两天的培训课程 -「理论 + 实践 + 策略」,向从业员展示采用标准和新科技,以达到供应链的自动化和数码化,并分享最佳范例,以迎接供应链4.0的走向。


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