18 June 2015

Food Industry Forum 2015 - Building Trust and Confidence in Today's Food System

14:00 - 17:00
HKTDC SME Centre, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
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Building Trust and Confidence in Today's Food System

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GS1 Hong Kong Food Industry Forum 2015 
- Building Trust and Confidence in Today's Food System


Thank you for attending GS1 Hong Kong Food Industry Forum on 18 June in Hong Kong. We are very pleased to report that this half-day forum received over 150 participants, and it was your presence that helped constitute this remarkable achievement. We were very delighted by your enthusiastic participation, and hope that you had an enjoyable and fruitful experience with us.

We will keep collaborating with enterprises to further enhance food traceability and visibility so as to further uplift consumer trust, and we sincerely count on your unfailing support in the future. 

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Food safety incidents can have a significant economic impact on an entire product category, industry, or even country. Government may face trade embargos, loss in trade and increase in healthcare cost. At the same time industry may face collapse, litigation and losses of business and consumer confidence. Therefore, an effective traceability system is essential to minimising risks to the public and  ensuring  food safety and quality.

Food traceability refers to "the ability to track and trace the food and source of all inputs forwards and backwards", such as feed, ingredients and packaging, through all stages of production, processing and distribution. With the implementation of international standards and technologies in food system, it can enable a high level of traceability, such as instant alert and fast product recall when anything goes wrong in the food market, so as to strengthen the  brand with consumer trust.

With the theme of “Building Trust and Confidence in Today’s Food System”, this half-day forum provides a platform for the industry experts to exchange ideas in the three key areas which are steering the growth of the food industry in Hong Kong and to exchange the best practice of food traceability adoption:

  • Sharing the latest Government policy and trends;
  • Uplifting consumer trust with food traceability and visibility; and
  • Driving food industry growth with automation and global standards
Organizer : GS1 Hong Kong
Date : 18 June 2015 (Thursday)
Time : 2pm - 5pm
Venue : HKTDC SME Centre, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
  • Government representatives
  • Stakeholders in food and beverage sectors, including manufacturers, sourcing and trading companies, logistics service providers, retailers, catering and hospitality companies
  • Industry practitioners who seek initiatives to improve their food chain efficiency and traceability


HKTDC SME Centre, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre