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26 April 2023

Hospital Authority’s DataMatrix Requirement Briefing Session (Re-run)

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15:00 - 17:00
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USA and EU have implemented the GS1 DataMatrix requirements at REGULATORY level. Hospital Authority (HA) is adopting a process, in which the latest guideline has been issued to facilitate its suppliers’ drug product packaging on this requirement. 

GS1 HK is going to hold a briefing session that aims to deliver the details of the GS1 DataMatrix standards as well as provide support to HA’s suppliers for their implementation.

(1)    Why Should You Attend?
•    Get your pharmaceutical products’ packaging and labelling ready for HA’s adoption
•    Catch the highlights of the latest guideline and important tips to note
•    Recognise significant requirements and changes
•    Get your questions on GS1 DataMatrix answered

(2)    What is this Briefing Session about?
HA has advised vendors of pharmaceutical products supplier to carry a GS1 DataMatrix on the package of its sales pack with at least the following elements, to facilitate essential information exchange between the relevant parties: 
•    Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) 
•    Batch or Lot Number 
•    Expiration Date or Best Before Date 

(3)    Why is GS1 DataMatrix Imperative to Drug Products?
•    enable the track and trace to achieve operational efficiency in the supply chain management process
•    ultimately helping to ensure patient safety 

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Hospital Authority’s DataMatrix Requirement Briefing Session

-    Overview of Hospital Authority's Latest Requirement on 2D barcode 
-    Implementation Guidelines 
-    Tips & Highlights 
-    Q & A 

Mr. KK Suen
Chief Architect and Principal Consultant
GS1 Hong Kong


【Healthcare Webinar】
Comply with Hospital Authority’s Requirement: Apply GS1 DataMatrix on Pharmaceutical Products

Date: 26 April 2023
Time: 15:00 – 17:00

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HKD500 per head (Standard Price)
HKD400 per head (GS1HK Members' Price)

Format: ZOOM webinar 
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