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Infinite Opportunities with a Scan


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Merchants: Open up Infinite Business Opportunities 

Offer different sales promotions at different times

  • Retailers can use the same Smart QR on the same product packaging to offer different promotions at different times and update product information, enabling consumers to scan for surprises
  • Track & measure campaign performance to optimise result

Connect Offline & Online

  • Bring consumers from offline to online for more product information, thus enhancing their shopping experience
  • Generate organic traffic to e-shops for FREE

Unlock China Market Opportunities

  • As fake products proliferate in China, ensuring product authenticity can help brands enhance their competiveness when selling in China. “1QR” enables China consumers to scan to obtain detailed product information including authentication & certifications, thereby helping brands to boost consumers’ confidence. 
  • HK products can also rebuild their reputation in China leveraging “HK brands, made in HK, designed in HK” strengths. 

Consumers: Get All-rounded Product Information

Get all Critical Product Information with One Single Barcode

  • After scanning “1QR”, consumers can get trusted product information simpler & faster from one platform, including latest discount offers, product information, track-&-trace and authentication 

Buy Soundly & Use Safely

  • All product information, including certificates and product authentication, are provided by a trusted source – brands, which in turn protects consumers. 
  •  Products listed on the platform can be identified with unique “Product IDs” (i.e. barcodes starting with prefix “489”, meaning that the product is operated by a HK registered company). 

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“GS1 HK 1QR” is a QR code comprising information such as product specifications, incentives, certificates, track-and-trace, authentication, etc. Retailers can use the same QR code on the same product packaging to offer different promotions at different times.

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