Smart Logistics Matching Platform that Enhances Shippers' Efficiency

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Identify the Right Carrier at the Right Price Faster and Easier with ezSHIP


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ezSHIP is a smart logistics matching and service ordering platform that seamlessly connects shippers and carriers in just a few clicks. It empowers your logistics teams to streamline the transport assignment process and make optimal use of the trusted carrier networks.

Shippers can use ezSHIP to match suitable carriers with multiple search criteria, eliminating the need for endless searching for capacity as our algorithm identifies available quotes faster and assigns the right shipment, to the right carrier, at the right price.

For current GS1 HK ezTRADE users, you can place shipping orders faster without manual input because shipping information can be retrieved automatically from the POs in ezTRADE to the orders in ezSHIP.

ezSHIP enables your logistics team to spend more time on strengthening existing relationships, building new networks, and improving customer experience.

Boost Operation Efficiency and Strengthen Data Analysis with ezSHIP!

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