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Nowadays the rapid expansion of international trading and modernfood supply chain provides more diversified, lower-cost and convenient food to consumers. However, from these globalized food supply activities hidden food safety risks emerge, requiring greater collaboration between regulators and industry stakeholders at all levels around the world to protect people’s health and safety.  

According to Aberdeen’s Food Safety and Traceability Report 2011, the best performing food companies have a 60% adoption rate of GS1 standards versus non-performing food companies. GS1 makes a difference because of the provision of global standards which support and respond to industry's needs.

GS1 Hong Kong helps to drive and optimise the business efficiency and performance of Hong Kong food companies through the provision of world-class supply chain standards, technologies and knowledge. GS1 Hong Kong works closely with various stakeholders to ensure food quality and consumer safety.

By applying GS1 global standards and GS1 Hong Kong solutions, we help to:

  • Improve product traceability from suppliers to end consumersthrough Global Traceability Standards, a business process standard that enhances the ability to track and trace the movement of products along the supply chain
  • Improve food traceability practices for safer food through Quality Food Traceability Scheme, an award to recognise enterprises' effective adoption of international standards and technology for food management systems 
  • Deliver supply chain visibility for better product quality through the ezTRACK™, a cloud-based EPCIS-standard traceability network enabling real-time visibility of goods and information flow 
  • Ensure the quality and safety of temperature sensitive products via the RFID-based Cold Chain Management Solution powered by ezTRACK™
  • Enhance operational efficiency across the supply chain through ezTRADE, an industry-wide B2B platform facilitating electronic transaction messaging via EDI and Web 
  • Increase food safety and consumer confidence through Consumer Connect, a direct mobile communications platform for brand owners to provide trusted product information to consumer


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Responding to growing community concerns over food safety, the Centre for Food Safety (CFS) in Hong Kong introduced the Rapid Alert System (RAS) in 2008. This system enables the centre to send a RAS Form during a food incident, detailing the names and brands of contaminated products, to alert key enterprises and organizations from the food sector so they can take preventive action at retail level immediately. However, the challenge was compounded by the multiple origins of food products worldwide and the lack of common identifiers for them. Furthermore, there was a possibility that consumers might already have purchased the unsafe products or selected them from the stores, prior to the dissemination of food alerts.

GS1 Hong Kong initiated the Unsafe Product Prevention Program (UPPP) in 2011, with the support of CFS, Hong Kong Food Council and major supermarket chains. Under this initiative, a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) is appended in the RAS form for unsafe product identification. This solution helps retailers respond faster to an alert and activate block-of-sale at GTIN level immediately. By adopting global standards, the government can deliver accurate and clear recall information to the food sector. Similarly, they also help speed up industry response to alerts issued by the authorities and undertake emergency protection of consumers in these circumstances.

Source: Annual Report 2014, GS1 Hong Kong

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Hong Kong Maxim’s Group has been operating a complex supplychain end to end, marked by the diversity and large numbers of restaurants, eateries, retail outlets, products, brands, culinary types it manages on a daily basis. To reduce delays, together with the administrative and operational costs caused by the tedious tasks of information re-entry, correction of errors and slow modes of communication, the Group has adopted ezTRADE to streamline ordering and invoicing process as well as to facilitate communications with its suppliers in a cost-efficient way.

The ezTRADE platform has enabled the Group to automate a number of key supply-chain functions, whereby trading partners can extract accurate and timely trade information using a common business language in a standardized electronic format and data transmission can be conducted over the ezTRADE network in a simple and efficient manner.

Source: Annual Report 2014, GS1 Hong Kong

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