In a rapidly changing global business landscape where time-to-market is becoming increasingly critical to survival, real-time information visibility across worldwide supply chains is now an essential ingredient to business success. 

Supply Chain Visibility means knowing:

  • Where things are now?
  • Why they are there? 
  • Where they were before? 
  • How many production days can be done with raw materials on hand?
  • Do inventory levels reflect the total of what’s in the back room? 
  • Plus what’s in the distribution centre? 
  • Plus what’s in transit? 


In short, supply chain visibility translates directly into business value!

GS1 System of Standards provides a means for structuring and sharing visibility information. GS1 Hong Kong, building on the success of the HKSAR government-funded EPCnetwork Project, has developed ezTRACK™ - a service that addresses today's companies’ critical need for a highly reliable solution that can effectively track and trace the flow of goods and product information from point of manufacture to point of sale through a robust Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) standard-based platform.

As a cloud-based application compatible with various technologies including Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), bar code, Global Positioning System (GPS), sensors, ezTRACK™ runs various solutions that allow enterprises to instantly access business-critical product information related to work-in-progress status, product inventory data, delivery schedules, etc.


  • Gather real-time product or asset status information using data capturing devices such as (RFID) readers and barcode scanners, at various checkpoints along the supply chain for easy retrieval.

  • Easily retrieve real-time product information. Movement of goods can be monitored at every stage of the supply chain obtaining clear picture of goods’ status.

  • Round-the-clock availability of critical business information Obtain critical business information they need, allowing effective business reporting process to track manufacturing progress, business steps, inventory levels and other similar procedures.

  • Connect and work with any EPCglobal standard-based network infrastructure worldwide, providing supply chain and global trading partners with relevant product information anytime and anywhere – the true value of global supply chain visibility.


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  • Value+ brand protection solution – Enabled by ezTRACK™’s track and trace platform, the Value+ Product Authentication Solution is aimed at assisting brand owners, distributors / resellers and retailers to combat counterfeiting, allowing companies to increase brand integrity and thus bolster consumer confidence. In addition, this Solution provides companies with an effective channel to capture and analyse useful customer data for personalised marketing programmes, which will ultimately strengthen customer relationship and loyalty.

  • Cold Chain Management Solution – Powered by ezTRACK™, the Cold Chain Management Solution is able to share real time comprehensive cold chain visibility information globally with the supply chain partners and customers.  Provides clear chain of custody with comprehensive temperature history reporting for operation optimization.

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  • Low total cost of ownership: a cloud based web application requiring no extra IT infrastructure investment to implement or upgrade.

  • Highly extendable: an EPCglobal standards-based network infrastructure solution fully scalable and upgradeable to incorporate future services and technologies.

  • Highly interoperable: an independent application platform, yet fully interoperable with existing enterprise resources planning (ERP) and WMS systems due to its standards-based communication protocols.

  • Global Connectivity: offers hassle-free connections with other existing international standard-based network platforms to exchange real-time supply chain information.

  • Highly secured: has embedded information security features that protect business critical product information.

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To ensure the information security, GS1 Hong Kong was certified by SGS United Kingdom Ltd., an accredited auditor of United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001, the information security management system (ISMS) standard in managing Product Data Repository and Electronic Product Code Information Services (EPCIS). The certification process was assessed in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 applicable requirements and Statement of Applicability version 1.0.

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