GS1 standards and solutions play a pivotal role to facilitate interoperability between systems and processes for enhanced supply chain visibility, security and sustainability, allowing products, services, and information to move efficiently and securely for the benefit of businesses

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To achieve fully accurate, real-time visibility throughout the supply chain


The transport and logistics industry provides critical links in the global economy, connecting the supply chains of countless stakeholders in a wide range of industries. 

Now, the growth in omnichannel retailing has changed the traditional supply chain – by offering more products through more channels – which added greater complexity to the process. 

So how can today’s supply chain evolve and improve? It can by becoming more agile, so products can move from one destination to another more quickly and efficiently, and by becoming more flexible so that retail and brand owners can find effective ways to deal with returns without risking customer loyalty and ultimately lost sales. 

Having 100% supply chain visibility and knowledge of where goods are at any given time, from source to point-of-sale to returns, guarantees better fulfilment of consumer service expectations.


Our Solutions


GS1 Hong Kong is working to achieve fully accurate, real-time visibility throughout the supply chain, from source to consumer, no matter what the mode of transport. 

4 key business processes are highlighted:

  • Asset Management
  • Transport Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Delivery Management

Powered by the EPCIS-based platform ezTRACK™, an array of solutions is developed: 

Smart Traceability

Built on EPCIS, it helps businesses to address the demand for end-to-end traceability and build trust among supply chain stakeholders. 

Cold Chain Management

A real-time temperature and humidity monitoring solution which transforms data into powerful information and insights.

REAL Visibility

Empower owners and consumers with instant product authentication and traceability. 

Smart Operations

Transforming business with automated data capturing and real-time actionable insights throughout the entire operation flow.


Advocacy and Events


GS1 Hong Kong helps the logistics industry to foster global supply chain visibility through the provision of global standards and a range of inter-governmental and cross-industry efforts.

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