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The retail landscape is always changing and challenging – rapid growth of e-commerce, changing consumer behaviour, ever greater competition, higher consumer expectation of product information and buying experience etc. To win and maintain business, retailers must create a seamless consumer experience online and offline. 

GS1 Standards can help industry meet the challenges of omni-channel commerce and satisfy the expectations of consumers both in physical and online worlds with unique product identification standards. 




GTIN (Barcodes) – Identify products with one “beep” 

- Provide the foundation for effective retail store operations 
Retailers can comply with product listing requirements on traditional retail outlets with barcodes as product identifier. Barcodes enable the unique identification and smooth exchange of products and information – from source to consumers. GS1 Standard speeds up store checkout and facilitates store operations, delivery and inventory management to fulfill consumers’ expectation and omni-channel retail for businesses. 

Sell online
Major online e-commerce platforms use GS1 Standards as the foundation of identifying goods online. e-Commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, Google, Tmall etc require merchants to use GTIN as product identifier for better product catalogue management, so consumers can search, find, compare and buy the products.

Ensure data quality
Data quality is a key to build a successful omni-channel experience. With unique product identifiers like GTIN, accurate, complete and consistent product information can be provided to consumers across all channels. 

GLN, SSCC – Identify trading items and logistics units 
Brand owners, logistics distribution service provider, retailers, e-tailers can identify the trading items and logistics unit with GS1 standards (GTIN, GLN, SSCC) accurately for track and trace across supply chain and to boost operational efficiency. 

EPC/ RFID Standards – Enhance inventory management and consumer experience 
The Electronic Product Code™ (EPC) is syntax for unique identifiers assigned to physical objects, unit loads, locations in business operations. When unique EPCs are encoded onto individual RFID tags, retailers can enhance their inventory management and consumer journey analytics to fulfil a solid omni-channel strategy and gain consumer insights with data analytics. 

GS1 HK can provide suppliers with a list of ILT (item-level tagging) certified vendors to source RFID tags, readers and other related solutions. 




GS1 HK solutions and services unleash the power of omni-channel retail by seamlessly connecting online and offline experience, driving customer satisfaction across various channels. 

a) Smart Retail – Fuel better consumer experience with advanced technologies like IoT (RFID & video analytics) & AI (data analytics and predictive analysis), drive business with insights. 

b) REAL VisibilityProtect your brand against counterfeits with patented anti-forgery micro printing technology, build trust among partners and consumers. 

c) SmartSearch – Make your products more discoverable online with higher search engine ranking and accurate product information across the web. 

d) Global Dropship Platform – Capitalise on the growing e-commerce trend and start your e-commerce business on eBay effortlessly.

e) Digital CouponEngage consumers, stimulate sales and optimise promotion with cost-effective, traceable and measurable digital coupons.

f)  Barcode Scan @ WeChat – Promote your products to billions of WeChat users in China simply by uploading product information on our BarcodePlus platform, enabling WeChat users to gain access to your product information simply by scanning the product barcode. 

g) CTS WeChat Mall – Sell your products to 4 million active users in Greater Bay Area cost-effectively with one-stop service. 

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Advocacy and Events


We are dedicated to help the industry to meet the challenges of omni-channel retail by bridging online and offline with standards, and to enhance consumer experience throughout their shopping journey through a range of initiatives: 

SMEs Advisory Board

Set up by GS1 Hong Kong in 1999, the SMEs Advisory Board is comprised of SMEs from sectors like retail, food & food services etc, aiming to foster SMEs harness technology and innovation, facilitate the development of SMEs and drive the adoption of e-commerce to enhance their competiveness.

Consumer Caring Scheme 
GS1 HK’s Consumer Caring Scheme helps companies to uplift capabilities in delivering consumer service and recognises companies for demonstrating excellence in consumer care through the effective use of technology and standards. 

GS1 HK Summit
One of the largest industry event of the year gathering over 500 delegates and industry practitioners to share their collective wisdom on digital transformation via the integration of smart technologies, innovation and new business models that create an enhanced consumer journey and strengthen business connectivity. Click here to learn more. (link to GS1 HK Summit) 

CEO Pulse Survey Report
Partnering annually with KPMG China and YouGov, the survey report provides an overview on Hong Kong CEOs and consumers’ views on digitalisation and various omni-channel retail trends. Click here to view smart retail insights. (link to CEO Pulse)
Made Recommendations to Support SMEs in Digital Transformation

GS1 HK made recommendations to support SMEs in embracing e-commerce and digital transformation in various response papers submitted to the Government. 

Click here to view our recommendations


Our Smart Professional Services and Training


GS1 Hong Kong partners with major e-commerce and digital leaders to organise e-commerce seminars, which serves as a platform for industry practitioners to exchange insights on latest retail trends, e-commerce and cross-border trade. 

GS1 HK offers a variety of flexible learning options to empower business with knowledge to take up the new retail and omni-channel challenges efficiently, and enhance competitive edge in today’s digital era. 

Smart Retail Supply Chain & Big Data Analytics 
GS1 HK offers CPFA Certified Citizen Data Scientist Course to help retail supply chains harness the power of big data and have competitive advantage by becoming more responsive, demand-driven and customer centric. 

Please visit here for more details, or join our course.

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