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GS1 HK Barcode – Bridging the Online & Offline Worlds


Barcode has evolved over time in the digital era: In addition to facilitating physical retail’s checkout process, “Smart Barcode”, the next-generation of barcode, is arming retailers up to sell online too.

GS1 HK is the only authorised body in Hong Kong to assign barcode with “489” prefix (GTIN). GS1 HK has never authorised any organization to issue barcode on our behalf. Only GS1 HK barcode can offer businesses incredible benefits and potential revenue.


489 GS1 HK barcode





3 reasons why you need barcodes to do business online:

1. Generate Sales using Barcodes

Barcode - Mobile Scan.png

Smart Barcode allow consumers to search for product information and buy at e-shops / e-marketplaces, simply by scanning product barcode using “QR & Barcode Scanner” app.

In addition, consumers can also use in-app scanner by Taobao / HKTVmall / Amazon and others to identify the product with barcode and purchase directly.


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2. Generate Organic Traffic to e-Shop for FREE

Product barcode can improve Google’s understanding of your products, resulting in higher ranking on Google, reaching out to more potential customers. Products with correct product barcode receive up to 40% more user clicks and conversion rates increase up to 20% in their Google Shopping Ad.

3. Products can Only be Listed on e-Marketplaces with GS1 Barcode

Barcode - Online Listing.png

Major e-marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Alibaba require their merchants and sellers to use identifier like GS1 barcode (GTIN) to manage their product catalogues. Online marketplaces use GTINs to identify products, helping consumers find, compare and buy their products.

On the Seller Forum by Amazon, it said, ”Product listings with invalid barcode (not issued by GS1) will be removed”. Therefore, retailers must obtain barcode issued by GS1 to sell on Amazon.



More benefits for GS1 HK member:

•    Generate a free Smart QR code, which enables brands/retailers to use the same Smart QR on the same packaging to launch different promotion offers at different times

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