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Items that are not traded but constructed for ease, for example, pallets, barrels, crates and containers, are called logistic units. Logistic units are handled by various trading partners along the supply chain. The SSCC allows each logistic unit to be clearly identified. It can be used by all parties involved in the supply chain as a reference number to the relevant information held in computer files.

Tracking and Tracing

As a key to access records, the SSCC can be used to track and trace shipment details any time, which include the products contained, the quantity, batch number, minimum/maximum durability and the quality status during the re-location of the shipment when they move from one location to another.


When the goods arrive, the operator scans the incoming SSCC which links the physical goods receipt with the information previously communicated via the EDI Despatch Advice, stored on file. The system is able to indicate what needs to be delivered and the delivery can be checked in. Inventories are then updated automatically.

Storage and Retrieval

At the warehouse, the SSCC can be used to determine put-away locations and track the inventories in real-time. According to the details of the shipment, the system can be programmed to select the appropriate primary and secondary put-away locations, to ensure an appropriate stock rotation and minimize the use of space. This system can provide the most economic “pick route”, to pick the right products and quantities.


Once the pallet is ready to ship, the system automatically generates the Despatch Advice, providing the recipient with the details of the shipment. At the time of the actual dispatch, the SSCC is scanned to confirm the goods are transported by the correct carrier, to the correct destination and the inventory is updated accordingly.

Internal Control and Distribution

Service providers such as transporters and freight forwarders can make use of the unique manufacturer issued SSCC, for their own internal control and distribution system. They can rely on one numbering and labelling system rather than having to support multiple customer specific systems.

  • Submit a completed GS1 Hong Kong SSCC membership application form.
  • Provide a copy of your company's Business Registration Certificate.
  • Issue a crossed-cheque made payable to the "GS1 Hong Kong Limited" for membership entrance and annual fee.


Entrance Fee (HK$) Annual Fee (HK$) Total (HK$)
$3,790 $3,790 $7,580 


  • Allocation of a unique SSCC & GLN number
  • Product registration on BarcodePlus, a web-based database that facilitates international standard-based data exchange with trading partners
  • Enjoy GS1 Hong Kong Business Advisory Services including standards and technologies support
  • Discounts on GS1 Hong Kong training courses and workshops
  • Discounts on all GS1 Hong Kong publications and studies
  • Opportunity to participate in workshops

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