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Over one million companies globally use GS1 barcodes (bar code) and Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), including all major retailers and it is required by key online marketplaces such as Google, Amazon, eBay and Tmall.



9 Major Reasons Why You Get a Barcode

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eBay, Amazon and Alibaba require GTINs for product identification

Major online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Alibaba require their merchants and sellers to use GS1 barcode numbers or Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs) to manage their product catalogues to help consumers find, compare and buy their products.

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Enhance Search Result, Reach more Customers Online

GTINs help Google clearly identify your products by better understanding your online content.  Those products with correct GTINs receive up to 40% more user clicks and conversion rates increase up to 20% in their Google Shopping Ad. Learn more 

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Little Barcodes, Big Business Opportunities – Smart Barcodes, Smart QR

The next-generation barcodes - powerful tools for brands/ retailers to take their business online.

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The Key to Online and Offline Commerce

GS1 barcode (bar code) serves as an effective conduit between bricks and clicks by seamlessly connecting online and offline channels.  Not only does it help to facilitate retail checkout automation and B2B physical trade, it also plays an active role in omni-channel retailing. Our digital services include: Global e-Commerce BusinessGS1 HK Digital Coupon and GS1 SmartSearch.

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The most Trusted Source to get barcode

With additional patented technology, customers can differentiate authentic products from fake ones. Learn more about REAL Visibility Solution

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Hong Kong prefix 489: Hong Kong Trusted Product

A bar code starting with prefix 489 means that the product is made by a registered company in Hong Kong. The barcode strengthens a company’s brand value and enables the company to enhance consumer's confidence.  Get barcode from GS1 Hong Kong now!

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Enable Trade Globally

By adhering to GS1 identification standards all products receive a globally unique GTIN (barcode), so that any retailer is assured of having a unique way to refer to a given trade item in its information systems, and each product brand owner need only assign a single identification to its trade item.

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Free Product Information Management

GS1 Hong Kong members can upload their product information to a barcode applications - BarcodePlus - a product information repository, for free, which is accessible by their potential buyers from all over the world.

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Use Everywhere along the Supply Chain

Supporting visibility, quality and safety in the supply chain management.  Built on Global Traceability Standards (GTS) and Global Information Sharing Standards (EPCIS), GS1 HK Smart Traceability helps business to address the demand for traceability, and builds trust among supply chain stakeholders, from upstream suppliers to end consumers.




GS1 barcode provide a common language to identify, capture and share supply chain data, to ensure important information is accessible, accurate and easy to understand.

The GS1 capturing standards include data carriers such as UPC HK barcodes, EAN HK barcodes and EAN 13 barcodes. They are used to encode information such as product numbers, serial numbers and batch numbers. Barcodes, including EAN HK barcodes and EAN 13 barcodes, play a key role in supply chains, enabling users including retailers, manufacturers, transport providers and hospitals to automatically identify and track products as they move through the supply chain.

GS1 manages several types of bar code applications, many of which comply with ISO standards. Each is designed for use in a different situation. Get barcode from GS1 Hong Kong, you’ll receive an official GS1 certificate, giving you the peace of mind that your barcode numbers are uniquely yours, internationally recognised and of authentic source.

The globally recognised barcode prefix “489” support us to sell in both local and global markets, as it’s a prerequisite for products to be listed on retail stores and e-commerce platforms like Amazon, and worldwide consumers would recognise and be assured of the “Made in Hong Kong” quality. Barcodes can also help in our inventory management, pick & pack, distribution and sales management etc, bringing huge benefits to us.

Mr. Ivan Lam, Business Development Manager, Hong Kong Mask Co., Ltd  

To us, GS1 HK barcode is a token that not only expand our online commerce, but also a testimony to our legacy in Hong Kong. When consumers see the barcode and know the source of origin, they would put more faith into us.

Ms Yan Yin-yin, Owner of Yan Chim Kee

With the help of GS1 HK, Leather Lucent’s supply chain processes are largely improved with GS1 Hong Kong standardized codes, enhancing the tracking and tracing of different products in shipping, sourcing and warehousing.

Ms. Betty Ye, Founder & CEO of Leather Lucent


Frequently asked questions

Can UPC-A and UPC-E bar codes be scanned outside USA/Canada?

Yes. The GS1 System was designed based on the UPC system, so the UPC-A & UPC-E symbols are 100 percent compatible with all GS1 Systems. Companies using UPC-A & UPC-E bar codes can have their products identified across the globe without any difficulty.

Can EAN 13 Symbols be scanned in USA/Canada?

A sunrise date on January 1, 2005 has been set for the global acceptance of GTIN-13. However, a few retailers in the US and Canada may experience a problem in that their systems not able to accommodate GTIN-13. In such case, the GTIN-12 represented in a UPC-A or UPC-E Symbol is required.

Are GS1 barcodes the only application suitable for the retail point-of-sale?

No. The GS1 System is a totally neutral system that can be used to identify anything that is traded among companies, as well as individual retail items at the point-of-sale. Goods are scanned as they leave manufacturers, as they are handled by distributors, scanned again at goods inwards at warehouses and depots, again for stock counts, as orders are picked and so on. The system is used by companies operating in all trade and industry sectors.


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