Engage Consumers, Drive Spending & Optimise Promotion Effectiveness 

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GS1 HK Digital Coupon


Create Marketing Campaigns with Traceable & Globally Recognised Digital Coupons!

Create Immediate Promotion Campaigns 

  • Easily create marketing campaigns with digital coupons, empowered by seamless in-store coupon redemption with reduced time at checkout

Save Time & Money 

  • No printing and administrative costs are involved in processing digital coupons, and coupons are environmental friendly 

Maximize Campaign Effectiveness 

  • Coupons can be distributed via multiple channels including social media, messaging app, SMS, email, web, and even printed QR code
  • Expand your sales channels by leveraging our partner network for coupon distribution

Engage Consumers

  • Offer timely and targeted marketing campaigns at various digital touch points, improve consumer experience and increase loyalty

Drive Traffic from Online to Offline

  • Use e-coupons to drive traffic to the store, acquire new customers and encourage more frequent purchases 

Capture Redemption Data for Analytics

  • Track campaign performance at real-time and better understand consumer purchasing pattern
  • Implement targeted marketing strategies tied to specific factors such as location, type of consumers, products and interests 

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