GS1 HK Academy's e-Learning Series

Supply Chain Management Professional Services (SCMPS) Lesson. 

The lesson is designed to help HK companies adopt best practice in Supply Chain Management, GS1 HK SCMPS team leverages GS1 standards and latest RFID/ IoT technologies to meet the evolving needs of companies’ business processes.


Watch the GS1 HK Supply Chain Quick Learn Series 2: Save with Innovation : Supply Chain Management's video to: 

  • Reduce operational costs, particular in warehouse operations
  • Improve efficiency through reduction of errors
  • Achieve greater customer satisfaction with greater inventory availability

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Watch the GS1 HK Supply Chain Quick Learn Series 1 : Lesson 101 - Trust with Traceability's video to: 

  • Build consumer trust via traceability
  • Achieve end-to-end traceability
  • Reduce quality losses and non-conformance
  • Lower the cost of regulatory compliance
  • Understand the global best practices

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GS1 Supply Chain Management Professional Services Team

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Assessment Tools on Supply Chain

3 tools to diagnose company's precess gaps

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