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ADT HONG KONG LIMITED English content only

ADT is the world’s leading provider of electronic security solutions. We design, sell, install solutions and provide service to over 8.9 million residential, commercial, and industrial customers. With $8.6 million in annual sales, 60,000 employees globally, ADT protects 90% of the world’s Fortune 500 companies. 

Tyco Retail Solutions is the leading global provider of retail performance and security solutions, deployed at over 80 percent of the world’s top 200 retailers ranging from single-store boutiques to global retail enterprises. We are committed to providing actionable intelligence that affects mission critical areas of retail enterprises. Operating in more than 70 countries worldwide, we provide real-time visibility to inventory and assets to improve retail operations and optimize profitability. Our solutions portfolio is backed by deep industry expertise, market leadership, global resources and a worldwide network of value-added partners.


Inventory System / Retail Management

Contact Information

Ms. Theresa Wang

T: (+852) 2753 3529

F: (+852) 2753 0456


We are a leading RFID solution provider of the retail business. Our professional have extensive experience in the retail industry and well know of industry habit, We mainly focus on RFID application of retail market.

Our Major Product P2POS retail network solution is the most comprehensive and flexible system available on the market today. We provide a mobile application “SMART CONTROLLER”. Users can use smart devices to gain immediate access to the data and monitor the currentmovement(sales, inventory, membership etc.) status of the cloud based showcase anytime and anywhere.

Our solution with complete and integrated solutions that streamline front and back office operations, whilst maximizing profitability and efficiency, and help to improve customer satisfaction, empower your employees to make better decisions, respond to changing business situations, and lower IT costs.


eCommerce / Mobile Services / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Regina Lo

T: (+852) 3741 0490

F: (+852) 2527 6607


ATAL Technologies Ltd is dedicated in developing systems that helps client enhance levels of security, convenience, productivity, and efficiency,specialising in providing a complete solution of implementing and maintaining infrastructure communication, security and access system for building owners, large corporations, institutions and government organisations. We are innovative in offering automation solutions adopting various technologies including:

  • Enterprise Software Development
  • Safety & Security Solutions
  • Biometric Applications
  • RFID Solutions
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • System Integration



Contact Information

Mr. John Chan

T: (+852) 2561 8278

F: (+852) 2565 7638

AVERY DENNISON HONG KONG B.V. English content only

Avery Dennison RBIS, a global leader in apparel and footwear industry solutions, is a $1.6 billion division of Avery Dennison (NYSE: AVY). Avery Dennison RBIS provides intelligent, creative and sustainable solutions that elevate brands and accelerate performance throughout the global retail supply chain. We elevate brands through graphic tickets, tags and labels, embellishments and packaging solutions that enhance consumer appeal. We accelerate performance through RFID enabled inventory and loss prevention solutions, price management, global compliance, and brand security solutions. Based in Westborough, Massachusetts, Avery Dennison RBIS responsibly serves the global marketplace with operations in 115 locations, 50 countries, across 6 continents.

For more information, visit


Inventory System / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Jonson Yue

T: (+852) 2802 9618

F: (+852) 2588 1344


Hong Kong Logistics Technology & Systems Ltd is one of the subsidiaries of BPS Global Group. Founded in 1992 and headquartered in Hong Kong, the Group is a leading provider of integrated engineered building services and automated logistics solutions. With expanding footprints throughout Asia, BPS has fortified subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Shenzhen and Singapore. The Group operates diverse portfolio spanning across multiple industries, including building and construction, automated logistics equipment and solutions, logistics consulting, property agency service, ecommerce, as well as strategic investment in industrial and logistics facilities.


eCommerce / Professional Services

Contact Information

Ms. Jo NG

T: (+852) 2763 6874

F: (+852) 2343 2021


For more than a century, Brother has won recognition as a brand synonymous with delivering product innovation and customer satisfaction. A Japanese company founded in 1908, Brother is now a leading brand that produces quality innovative products for the print and imaging, labelling and sewing markets. Key products include laser printers, Multi-Function Centres (MFCs), fax machines, labellers, and a wide range of home and industrial sewing machines. A trusted brand worldwide that believes in the "Customer First" approach in all aspects of our business, Brother has continuously met the varied needs of our customers through our comprehensive range of quality solutions.

For more information, please visit


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Mobile Services / Printer & Scanner

Contact Information

Mr. Terry Chan

T: (+852) 3589 9100

F: (+852) 2723 0287

C&C JOINT PRINTING CO (HK) LTD English content only

Founded in 2006, C&C RFID produces various RFID dry inlays, wet inlays, labels, tickets and plastic cards with antenna design capabilities. Customers include Shanghai World-Expo, Shanghai sub-way system, high-speed train system, jewelry and apparel companies, logistic & retail business, and those who require RFID tagswith anti-counterfeit features.

We are equipped with testing chambers, flip-chip bonding, converting production lines as well as RFID plastic card laminators with production centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen.


Inventory System / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Candy Wong

T: (+852) 2666 4888

T: (+852) 2666 4889


CAS Logistics Limited (CASL) is established by a team of domain experts and passionate managements with years of experience in Supply Chain Management (SCM) solutions provision. CASL positioned as one of the leading Supply Chain Learning Organizations to encourage logistics enterprises to develop its own competence through technology co-development process.

CASL’s flagship product 【Professional Logistics Information System (Pro-LIS) 】is a well-developed supply chain solutions which has combined the fruitful results of academic research with pragmatic industrial experience. Pro-LIS is built upon the【Inventory Order Management - IOM】model, covering sectors from warehouse management, transportation management, 3rd party logistics etc. Its self-configurable feature with low complexity allows users to standardize or customize the system according to their unique business needs. Logistics enterprises can experience real-time inventory and order management, providing visible information for multi-channel order fulfillment.




Cloud Solution Services / eCommerce / Inventory System / Professional Services

Contact Information

Dr. Migar Tam

T: (+852) 3619 5822

F: (+852) 8148 9722


Item Level R.F.I.D. is coming, and Charming is ahead of the curve with over 3 years experience. As one of the very few trim suppliers that actually encodes our own inlays and manufacture tags, we are in a position to provide extreme accuracy, cutting edge design and a very competitive price point.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Inventory System / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Stephen Chow

T: (+852) 2990 5825

F: (+852) 2487 8176


Checkpoint is a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility.

Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and the shopper’s experience.

Checkpoint’s solutions are built upon 45 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss-prevention solutions, market-leading RFID hardware, software, and comprehensive labeling capabilities, to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Douglas Chan

T: (+852) 2995 8351

F: (+852) 2176 4120


FlexSystem is a recognized leader in enterprise management software industry in the Greater China region. Over the past 26 years, FlexSystem has been delivering high quality application software and services to maximize the client's operational efficiency in the accounting, order processing, payroll and human resources, manufacturing, workflow and business management.

With its strong global network of regional offices and partners, FlexSystem serves thousands customers in more than 15 countries. Now and future, FlexSystem continues to keen on technology development and create a complete platform of new generation enterprise resources management solutions.


ERP / Inventory System / Retail Management

Contact Information

Ms. Jackie Wong

T: (+852) 2697 9020

F: (+852) 2967 1789


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Inventory System / Printer & Scanner / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Kevin Choi

T: (+852) 2147 0341

T: (+852) 2147 0334

F: (+852) 2147 0438


Based in Hong Kong and Australia, Infotoo are a world leading expert in brand protection, digital imaging and smartphone technologies.

The company was founded by a group of scientists and business professionals with the collective aim of developing unprecedented technologies and making them available to the general public.

The flagship product of Infotoo is named CertiEye®. CertiEye is a world first proprietary security technology that allows anyone to carry out instant product authentication by simply using a Smartphone.

The authentication results can be obtained within a few seconds, assuring the end consumer that the product they are about to purchase is either the genuine article or a 'fake'!

The “non-replicable” mark technologies can be integrated into any existing 1D or 2D barcodes which can be placed into any product including labels, stickers and packaging items.  Our main market includes fashion, wine, pharmaceutical and food industries.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Mobile Services / Professional Services / RFID

Contact Information

T: (+852) 3468 6533

F: (+852) 3791 2558


Inner Mongolia Xianhong Science Co. Ltd. (Stock code: 836619) is heldby China Hi-Tech Anti-Counterfeit Group Ltd (a company registered in HK). It is a high-tech enterprise of research and development, production and sales which encompasses of business Internet of Things (IOT), internet of identification technology and nanotechnology,

The core products of our company are:

(1) Technological solution in commodity information security - "Nano-Anti-Erasing (ATE) Ink Series";

(2) IOTintelligence Business system - “Intelligence Information Business System”;

(3) High-speed inkjet technology - "the sole agent of Germany Leibinger inkjet printer"

The core technologies of our company – “Iot Intelligence Business System” (IIBS) is applicable in all kinds of goods and products, which  markedaQR code for achieving “One product one code”. This code is the identity of the product which can be located and traced from the production to the end-user, and it satisfies the interactive marketing between the enterprise and consumers. Our technologies: Nano-ATE ink technology and Leibinger printing technology are the key for achieving the online, real-time and changeable marking and coding at high speed production line.

Our technologies are widely applied in different markets or industries: food, medicines, Fast Moving Consumer GoodsFMCG, cosmetics packagingas well as wire, cable & fiber optics, auto parts industries.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Cloud Solution Services / Printer & Scanner

Contact Information

Mr. Henry Hung

T: (+852) 2517 3286

F: (+852) 2517 3626


The mobile app development company you can trust, today and in the future

A passionate, proven, powerful partner for your mobile journey

We empower our customers to create experiences that matter. From delighting consumers to supporting employees, our apps and enterprise application development platform give enterprises the efficiency and flexibility of the broadest possible device and OS compatibility for mobile app development, deployment, testing and management.


Cloud Solution Services / Mobile Services

Contact Information

Kelvin Shiu

T: (852) 2824 8544


Inventory System / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Wallace Wong / Mr. Lawence

T: (+852) 2719 0608

LEO-TH LINK LTD English content only

Established in 2009, LEO-TH Link Ltd is a subsidiary of Leo Paper Group and a high technology enterprise with a group of well-educated professionals that provide RFID and related technology services. With support from the Research Institute of Tsinghua University, we are better equipped for independent R&D and technical support capabilities.

LEO-TH Link consists of 3 offices located in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Jiangmen, and mainly focuses on R&D and applications of RFID and sensing technologies. We provide diversified products and services for different industries and fields, including standard hardware, tailor-made hardware & software, professional technical advice, and one-stop integrated solutions for manufacturing, logistics, education, and anti-counterfeiting, etc.


Inventory System

Contact Information

Mr. Simon Leung

T: (+852) 2535 2288

F: (+852) 2885 2977


Linx Asia offers a wide selection of marking equipments including continuous ink jet printers, laser markers, label printers and applicators, in-line thermal transfer printers and the adhesive labels to many multi-nations companies in food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive, construction, electrical component and packaging industries.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Printer & Scanner

Contact Information

Ms. Connie Yeung

T: (+852) 2712 9168

F: (+852) 2760 8749


MANICON provides one stop solutions including barcode scanner, barcode printer, barcode software, POS software and hardware to the business community since 1993. With offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau to serve a wide range of industry including manufacturing, retail, wholesale, logistic, public sector, etc.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Inventory System / Printer & Scanner / Professional Services / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Eugene Chan

T: (+852) 2836 3693

F: (+852) 2836 3093


Inventory System / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Kobe Tong

T: (+852) 8359 2664

F: (+852) 8359 2069


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Cloud Solution Services / Inventory System / Mobile Services / Printer & Scanner / Professional Services / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Victor Wong

T: (+852) 3999 4333

F: (+852) 3999 4399


Designated business partner of RFID products for Hitachi Chemical



Contact Information

Vicky Li

T: (+852) 2722 7200

F: (+852) 2722 7607


NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) creates solutions that enable secure connections for a smarter world. Building on its expertise in high-performance mixed signal electronics, NXP is driving innovation in the areas of connected car, security, portable & wearable, and the Internet of Things. At NXP we understand our customer’s vision and requirements to shape the perfect device and user experience. Our innovative solutions deliver greater energy efficiency, safety, security, convenience and functional performance. Combined with application insights, sub-system expertise and standard products, we can provide multiple solutions to engineering problems. Find out more at



Contact Information

Mr. James Zhu

T: (+86) 186 6164 9321

PCCW SOLUTIONS LTD English content only

PCCW Solutions is a leading IT services company in Hong Kong and mainland China. We adopt the latest technology to help clients create business value and succeed in the ever-changing economic environment. We offer a wide range of services including software solutions, IT and business process outsourcing services, cloud computing services, systems development and solutions integration, data center services, hosting and managed services, e-commerce and RFID solutions.  PCCW Solutions is committed to catering to customers’ needs to help them achieve their business goals. 

PCCW Solutions has more than 3,800 IT professionals in Hong Kong and mainland China. With our extensive experience in managing large-scale projects for various sectors and widely recognized business credentials, PCCW Solutions is a trusted partner to government, leading banking and financial institutions, telecommunications service providers, retail and consumer brands companies, and multinational corporations.

To learn more about PCCW Solutions, please visit


Inventory System / Mobile Services / Retail Management

Contact Information

Mr. Jacky Ting

T: (+852) 2296 8718

F: (+852) 2850 7354


Perfect China Supplies Ltd was estabished in 1993; Supplying with variable data printing service, thermal transfer label & ribbon, hangtag, care/washing label , barcode printer & scanner, asset management & inventory control system. We also provide RFID solution,supply RFID label & hangtag, RFID antenna & reader.


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Inventory System / Printer & Scanner / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Benedict Chan

T: (+852) 2581 9151

F: (+852) 2851 8138



Retail Management

Contact Information

Mr. Eddy Chan

T: (+852) 9455 5530

F: (+852) 2426 7668


SecurePro' s mission is to provide solutions enhancing business productivity of the world as well as security and comfort of human beings. We have rapidly developed as one of themost active solution providers in IOT and Security.We are a licensed security company with license no. 0920 which is unique among solution providers.

SecurePro is the only “Strategic Partner” of GS1 for “Product Authentication” and “RFID Item Level Tagging” Solution. We are experienced in providing innovative and customized RFID solutions integrating with security, I.T. and automation to different industries.

We provide specialized technology solutions in

1. Retail
2. Logistics
3. Construction
4. Library and School
5. Automotive
6. Recycling and Material Disposal

We have won 7 awards in the last 4 years in RFID and IOT in Hong Kong and China.

We have our own patented technology integrating CCTV with RFID to create a solution that is more versatile and reliable.

We intend to offer our customers with a one-stop shop option for their easy administration and more efficient use of budget. Feel free to contact us about your needs and challenges. We will be most gladded to work out a solution that meet your specific needs.


eCommerce / ERP / Inventory System / Mobile Services / Retail Management / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Harold Lam

T: (+852) 2682 0089

F: (+852) 2669 7831


Inventory System / Retail Management

Contact Information

Mr. Terry Lee

T: (+852) 9208 6985

F: (+852) 2692 1022


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Printer & Scanner / RFID

Contact Information

Mr. Henry Lau

T: (+852) 2690 6798

F: (+852) 2692 1022


Cloud Solution Services

Contact Information

Mr. Howard Chow

T: (+852) 3525 1828

F: (+852) 2312 6626


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Printer & Scanner

Contact Information

Mr. Ronald Leung

T: (+852) 2409 0176

F: (+852) 2409 0177


Techland Computer Systems Ltd. is one of the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution providers which serving HK & PRC trading, manufacturing and servicing industries. With 25 year experience and professional R&D and customer service team, we helped over 2,000 clients implementing TecE ERP system successfully. Being a service provider, customer satisfaction is our prime concern and we aim to help enterprises managing their cross boarder operation in cost-effective way. Recently, Techland also provides web and mobile solutions to support the continuous business development of enterprises.


eCommerce / ERP / Inventory System / Professional Services

Contact Information

Ms. Iris Wong

T: (+852) 2416 6711

F: (+852) 2411 0392


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Inventory System / Printer & Scanner / Retail Management

Contact Information

Ms. Shirley Lau

T: (+852) 2369 7323

F: (+852) 2312 6626


BarCode Printing & Labeling / Inventory System / Printer & Scanner

Contact Information

Mr. Caesar C.W. Chan

T: (+852) 2898 7823

F: (+852) 2898 7718


Welfare Electronic Component Limited (WECL) has been established since 1982. It is the leading electronic and engineering product distributor in Hong Kong with a wide range of products including test and measurement tools, Wi-Fi system products, fiber and networking products, surveillance and storage systems, access controls, public address and intercom systems, etc. Customers can also enjoy one-stop shopping experience in our company’s megastore located in Sham Shui Po with over 50,000 existing stocks. Moreover, WECL offers all-rounded pre-sale and after-sale services, such as on-site demonstrations, technical support, product technical training workshops, seminars, and so on. The company also endeavors to support the industry development thru various interactive platforms and events.


Cloud Solution Services / Retail Management

Contact Information

T: (+852) 3182 0888

F: (+852) 3182 0808

ZKS IOT GROUP LIMITED Chinese content only





Cloud Solution Services / Inventory System / Professional Services / RFID

Contact Information

MR. Tom Chi

T: (+86) 186 6171 2462

F: (+86) 0532 8097 0068

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