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GS1 HK is the only authorised body in Hong Kong to assign barcode with “489” prefix (GTIN). We have never authorised any other organisation to issue barcode on our behalf.

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How GS1 HK barcode benefits your business?

Little Barcodes, Big Business Opportunities:

GS1 barcode adopted by over 1 million companies across 150 countries (including Asia, Europe, US/Canada, South America etc...), GS1 barcode standard is the only officially recognised standard used in global business.  

Little Barcodes, Big Business Opportunities: 

  1. Smart Barcode - Generate Bar code, Generate Online Traffic & Sales for FREE 
  2. Smart QR Code – Same QR on the Same Packaging, Different Offers at Different Times 
  3. GS1 HK BARzaar – Free Online Channel to Promote your Product Offers to GS1 HK’s Member Community and more…

GS1 HK members are also eligible to enjoy other benefits, e.g. join GS1 HK’s training & barcode workshops for FREE. Click here to learn more about bar code.