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the same Smart QR offers different promotions at different times


GS1 HK members can login BarcodePlus platform, a product information portal, to generate barcode and Smart QR code at the same time. Retailers can use the same Smart QR on the same product packaging to offer different promotions at different times. With Smart QR, consumers can scan for reliable information, product offers and even surprises!

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Smart QR helps retailers bring great delights to consumers:

  • The same QR code on the same packaging can show different promotion offers at different times.
  • Consumers scan the dynamic QR to visit brand’s website/ product information page/ social media platforms to learn more about the product origin, watch promotion videos, or share the offer
  • Enable consumers to access detailed product information like ingredients, specifications and user manual, etc
  • Drive organic traffic to e-shops for free
  • Track & measure campaign performance to optimise result

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