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Go Smart Webinar_20220427
27 April 2022

【Go Smart Webinar】Leveraging the Supply Chain’s New Telemetry: Digital Twins for business growth

10:30 - 11:00
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Digital Twin can be seen as the next phase of IoT. By capturing actual factory data using IoT devices, a company can construct a Digital Twin and let AI to simulate products and manufacturing process, built on the abundance of data. Based on this, the company can perform R&D, experiment and production at a lower cost and a safer virtual environment. 

Besides production, Digital Twin can be applied in areas like construction, healthcare, supply chain. The growth of Digital Twin, virtual reality and the Metaverse also promote each other, forming a closed-loop mutual push development knot.   

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Topics:A Key Metaverse Component: Digital Twin

  • Overview of Digital Twin
  • How Digital Twin helps
  • Benefits of applications

Mr. KK Suen
Chief Architect and Principal Consultant
GS1 Hong Kong

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ZOOM (Link will be sent after registration)
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