19th Jan and 26th Jan 2018

Digital Food Supply Chain and Traceability Training (Jan 2018)

09:30 - 17:00
OTB Building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Cantonese (with English materials)

Member price: HK$ 4,800 per head for 2 days
Non member price: HK$ 4,800 per head for 2 days

A 2-day training to understand the importance, applications and best practices of digitalized food supply chain & traceability......

*An accredited course by VTC NTTS (Click here to learn more). Successful candidate can receive a subsidy up to HK$ 2,000

*Certificate will be given to participants with 100% attendance.

Interested parties can register online here on or before 14th Jan 2018. Confirmation email will be sent to successful candidates 3 days prior to the event. Please settle your payment by cheque payable to "GS1 Hong Kong Ltd" with remarks "Food Traceability Training" as well as contact information (company name, name of registrant, tel. no. and email) at the back and mail to: GS1 Hong Kong, 22/F, OTB Building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Enquiry: Mr. Ng | Tel: +852 2863 9753 | training@gs1hk.org

Website: www.gs1hk.org

  • Enhance your food supply chain visibility through an end-to-end standardized & digitalized traceability system so as to build consumer trust


         Food safety incidents negatively impact both government and the industries. They may face loses in trade, products embargo, increase in healthcare costs, and loss in consumer confidence. For food industry, the more serious cases not only include loss of businesses, but also a total collapse and even lawsuit. Food safety incidents should never be taken lightly as the impact can involve the entire industry or even country. An end-to-end standardized & digitalized traceability system is the only key to enhance your food supply chain visibility so as to build consumer trust.


  • Theory + Implementation + Strategy : Build Consumer Trust!

         To demonstrate industry stakeholders the importance and best practices of food safety and traceability. GS1 Hong Kong organises a  2-day "Food Traceability Training" to provide you a step-by-step guidance in implementing global traceability standards in food supply chain and operation management system, in order to help strengthen the monitoring process, enhance food quality and safety, thereby retain consumers' confidence as well as achieve a healthy industry competition and development.


         Cafe Deco Group、 Café De Coral 、 Hop Hing 、 Maxim's 、 Getz Bros. & Co 、 Sun Fat Heung 、 Swire Coca Cola 、Vitasoy、 Rich Harvest 、 Wyeth Nutrition, and more, have improved their food system after this hands-on workshop. ACT NOW to be one of leading gurus in food safety and traceability!

Who is it for
  • Manufacturers & processors
  • Logistics service providers
  • Retailers
  • Distributors
  • Importers & exporters
  • Quality assurance party,
  • Service providers in food and related industry
  • Introduction of “Digital Food Traceability" and relevant regulations, international standards and industry requirement 
  • Benefits of " Digital Traceability Standards & Solutions" as well as case sharing
  • Implementation methodology and tactics in the digitalized food supply chain management system with and within the company 


Day 1 (9:30am – 5:00pm) 

Day 2 (9:30am – 5:00pm)

1.    Understanding Digitalization and its impacts in regards to:
•    Legal and Regulatory Framework
•    Standards and Practices
•    Business Requirements

1.  Digitalization Step by Step 
•    Identify what data is needed
•    Review what tools available for capture data 
•    Determine what data needed to be shared for what purposes

2.  Understanding Roles and Parties 
•    Supply Chain Parties Introduction
•    Roles and Responsibilities
•    Relationship against Supply Chain  Traceability and Digitalization

2.  Implementation Criteria 
•    Product Management
•    Operations Control
•    Documentation Alignment
•    System Support

3.    Understanding EPCIS and Data Linkage
•    Supply Chain Connectivity
•    EPICS and its Applications
•    Data management and Linkage

3.  Implementation Assessment
•    Product Traceability
•    Product Recall Management

4.    Summarizing digital supply chain and traceability 
•    Digital Supply Chain and Traceability Preparation
•    Case Sharing and Demonstrations

4.  Digital Supply Chain and Traceability Case Studies
•    Emerging Practices
•    Case Sharing

Ms. Heidi Ho
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OTB Building, 160 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
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