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20 Jul 2021

【Go Digital Webinar】Grow SMEs Business with Digital Trade and E-commerce

15:00 - 16:30
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The COVID-19 presents many unprecedented challenges for SMEs. Focus have been shifted immediately to ensure business continuity and resilience. It is now important for SMEs to start thinking more strategically about how technology and digital capabilities can expand their access to finance and kick-start ecommerce sales for company’s survival and growth.

Cash flow remains one of the most pressing problems for SMEs, as many banks consider SMEs to be high-risk clients, and loans are often rejected due to common hurdles including burdensome processes, information asymmetries, high costs associated, etc.

How can SMEs harness the power of digital trade to gain access to finance and adopt e-commerce to fuel growth? Join our free webinar to know more on below topics


• How SMEs can benefit from digital trade

- How ezTRADE helps solve liquidity problems;
- How ezTRADE facilitates multiple transactions with different trading partners

Mr. Edward Choy
Head of Business Development, GS1 HK

Ms. Althey Mak
Manager, ezTRADE Services, GS1 HK

• How can SMEs make better use of their transactional data to get financing?
- Use of alternative data enhances SME’s chance of assessing banking facilities and at lower cost

Mr. Andrew Sim
Executive Director & Head of Product and Segment Management, Business Banking Consumer, Private & Business Banking, Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

Mr. Samson Poon
Director & Division Head, Business Banking Consumer, Private & Business Banking, Hong Kong Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited

• How e-commerce strategy accelerates SME growth
- 5 ways to Improve Your Business with eShop;
- Digital Transformation Increases Sales & Marketing Strategy Level

Ms. Dora KIT
Manager, Digital Services, GS1 HK

• Why does SME need digital transformation with ERP?
- Discuss the challenges faced by SMEs;
- Identify the latest technologies for improving operational efficiency;
- Plan the strategies for developing and executing solutions

Mr. Thomas Hung
Regional Director – HK, Taiwan, Macao and Korea, Epicor Software Corporation

• How can SMEs benefit from Automation through RPA and AI?

- Learn how automation can help to enhance manpower productivity and improve supply chain efficiency
- Using RPA to automate ezTrade data integration with ERP and 3PL

Mr. Marc Lau
Business Development Director, Rynenation Hong Kong


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