GS1 Hong Kong Shows Full Support to the First 7.1 O2O Shopping Festival

12 Members Pitch in and Launch 7.1 Offers on ShopThruPost by Hongkong Post or own brand platforms


Classic local brands and trendy international brands offering as low as HKD7.1 promotion


HONG KONG  (29 June 2017) – To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the HKSAR, GS1 HK announces collaboration with ShopThruPost, an online retail platform by Hongkong Post, and numerous retail members to present incredible offers and discounts for the public. The promotional offers play around the idea of “7.1”, ranging from HKD 7.1 for Chinese medical practitioner consultation and HKD 71 for organic skincare products, to 60% off of health supplements or cookie gift boxes sold at limited quantity of 71 units. To redeem special offers on over 30 products and services, simply visit ShopThruPost’s website or the participating brands’ website for purchase and enjoy a swift delivery at your door. Don’t miss the limited time offer and shop now! (For detailed promotional offers, please refer to the enclosed)


The first 7.1 O2O Hong Kong Shopping Festival is organised by HKOEF. As the supporting organisation, GS1 HK has gathered 12 merchants to support the celebratory event. The wealth of participating brands includes Tso Hin Kee, a well-established soy sauce supplier since 1938, and Shiu Heung Yuen, the walnut expert since 1968. Other brands include CARE, Hangover Prevent, Harmonic Health, Kiwi House, La Raine, Lugard, OmegaVia, ZaoJyu, whose products or services are available for purchase on ShopThruPost. The 7.1 offers by Shiu Heung Yuen, MEDICOX and Mobile Medical will be available on their websites or physical outlets.


“Double Trust” offered by HK Trusted Product and ShopThruPost in Shopping Festival

Majority of our members who joined the shopping festival are also members of our Hong Kong Trusted Product Programme, meaning that their products are 100% genuine with valid product authentication. Consumers can easily identify the trustable brands or merchants through the “Hong Kong Trusted Product” logos and shop at ease. Additionally, participating merchants offer swift and safe product delivery all over Hong Kong, and even the world, through the reliable and reputable delivery services provided by Hongkong Post. The “double trust” brought by GS1 HK’s programme and Hongkong Post enhances consumers’ desire to purchase locally registered brands.


The first 7.1 O2O Hong Kong Shopping Festival is the first wave of initiative of HKOEF. HKOEF will launch a series of promotion campaigns to facilitate O2O ecosystem development within the industry. The Festival is expected to evolve into an annual campaign in the future to support tourism and give retail market a further boost.


“Beside searching and sharing online reviews, consumers are trending to use mobile scan function to obtain more information or even making online purchase, expecting a seamless omni-channel shopping experience. The first 7.1 O2O Hong Kong Shopping Festival aims at helping businesses to connect their online and offline channels, which aligns with our directions, so we take lead to support at once. Through our active participation, we hope to assist local enterprises to keep abreast of the O2O new retail trend, offering consumers a more holistic and personlised shopping experience”, said Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong.


Visit ShopThruPost website and enjoy shopping today!



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