Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020 – Smart Mobility Award Winners Unveiled Remarkable Entries by SMEs Level the Playing Field with Big Players

ICT Awards 2020 Press Release

Hong Kong, 10 November, 2020 – Steered by the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer and co-organised by GS1 Hong Kong, the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020 – Smart Mobility Award Presentation Ceremony was held today. 65 entries from 3 different streams were received this year, of which 11 of them were awarded. As digital transformation accelerates under the new normal, SMEs and micro enterprises are investing more in innovations and technologies, resulting in more SMEs entries received this year than the last. They have performed well in the 3 streams of the Award and claimed most of the awards, including the Smart Mobility Grand Award.

The “Smart Mobility Award” aims to encourage the development and adoption of Smart Tourism, Smart Logistics and Smart Transport applications, in order to drive the development of smart city and enhance the quality of life, creating a more convenient, safer and more efficient environment for citizens and tourists.

“The new normal brought by the COVID-19 has sped up the growth of innovations and technologies. Companies are using social commerce, e-marketplaces, IoT and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to continue developing their sales channels and managing business remotely. Although we encountered some challenges during the judging processes this year, we are still excited to see more active participation than the previous year, particularly from the SMEs that outperform the others. I think this shows Hong Kong people remain to be flexible, quick-witted and able to grow stronger in adversity, which are instrumental to the robust development of innovation ecosystem in Hong Kong.” said Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong.

Accounting for over half of the contestants, SMEs impressed the judges with their innovative, practical applications that have great potentials for growth. This proves that even under limited resources, SMEs are capable of developing or deploying innovative solutions to enhance competitiveness and level the playing field with big businesses, making substantial contribution to developing Hong Kong as a Smart City. Maphive Technology Ltd. is one of the SMEs that excelled and won the Smart Mobility Grand Award and Smart Mobility (Smart Tourism) Gold Award with its “Mapxus Barrier-free Indoor Navigation Platform”. An innovative indoor navigation platform, it digitalises the indoor environments and provides map, positioning and 360-degree view for the users. With the use of technologies such as Wifi fingerprints, sensor fusion and AI, the solution helps visitors to navigate their ways at unfamiliar venues and enhance their travel experience. The company has already developed digital maps for around 1,000 buildings in Hong Kong, and is planning to expand their services to overseas market, demonstrating a significant potential for growth and development.

There are 3 award streams under the Hong Kong ICT Awards – Smart Mobility Award, namely Smart Tourism, Smart Logistics and Smart Transport. Selected contestants will be awarded with Gold/ Silver/ Bronze Award, or Certificate of Merit after undergoing adjudication processes and interviews by the judging panel, comprised of members and professionals from the ICT associations, companies, academic and government institutions.

ICT Awards 2020 - Group Photo


Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020 – Smart Mobility Award winners list (in alphabetical order):



Organisation/ Winner

Title of Entry

Smart Mobility


Maphive Technology Ltd.

Mapxus Barrier-free Indoor Navigation Platform

Smart Tourism


Maphive Technology Ltd.

Mapxus Barrier-free Indoor Navigation Platform


Neoma Ltd.



Lincogn Technology Co. Ltd.

YoStay Smart Stay Solution

Smart Logistics



Chow Sang Sang Jewellery Co. Ltd.

Intelligent Fulfillment Centre


Hong Kong TV Shopping Network Company Ltd. / BPS Global Holdings Ltd.

Transformation of Logistics for Online Shopping

Certificate of Merit

Kin Shun Information Technology (Hong Kong) Ltd.


Certificate of Merit

Shopkyo Ltd.


Smart Transport


Locolla Ltd.



oneCHARGE Solutions Ltd.

oneCHARGE 3 Phase 21kW AC Fast EV Charging System


Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute Company Ltd. (ASTRI)

Ultra-Wideband (UWB) + Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Roadside System Enables Gantry Free Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) System

Certificate of Merit

Hong Kong Taxi App Service Ltd. / Hong Kong Taxi Council

eTaxi APP Platform


Please visit here for details of the winning entries: https://www.gs1hk.org/sites/default/files/2020-11/HKICTA-2020-SMA-Booklet.pdf

For details about “Smart Mobility Award”, please visit here: https://www.gs1hk.org/SmartMobilityAward

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