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【GS1 HK Academy】Retail Supply Chain Data Analytics Certification Course

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[Become a CDPOS™ Certified Data Analyst armed with Apache Superset, Jupyter Notebook and Phython; Take the course anywhere, anytime!]

In view of the booming demand for data analyst, GS1 Hong Kong will launch Retail Supply Chain Data Analytics Certification Course with OpenCertHub, to provide insights in data analytics to retail supply chain management in real world. Role-based certifications with professional qualification will be granted to participants who complete the course. This Programme is for those who strive to obtain hands-on analytics knowledge & skill using industry data to advance in the career path in the fast-paced retail and supply chain industry.

Framework for Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Management

Framework Diagram

[Learning with Real Data and Best Practices from Industries from GS1 HK Experts]
Expert from GS1 Hong Kong and technology firm will use actual industry data and demonstrate with analytic tools from OpenCertHub, so to ensure that participants can apply the learnings in the present business scenarios and evaluating every stage within the supply chain digital transformation framework. Q& A sessions will be arranged from time to time to discuss the real cases as well as answer questions with full explanation.

[Authentic Role-based Certificates with Dual Verifications]
GS1 Hong Kong and OpenCertHub will also jointly issue role-based certifications with dual verifications, using GS1 REAL QR code and OpenCertHub’s blockchain code. This dual verification approach demonstrates our professional commitment to the participants.

[Flexible Learning Schedule]
Participants have unlimited access to streaming videos of registered modules according to personal schedule during the enrollment period, meeting the needs of students, employees and employers with various schedule concerns.

M1  M2

Completion of Module 1 and 2: Data Citizen Role Accomplished


Completion of Module 3: Citizen Data Scientist Role Accomplished


Completion of Module 4: Advanced Citizen Data Scientist Role Accomplished


Module 1

This module aims for those who require data analysis to improve retail and supply chain operations to uncover patterns and generate insights from massive amounts of data.

Part 1: Supply Chain Management Certification

•    Understand the core data components and effective data capturing technologies in supply chain

•    Understand how to use data to improve supply chain management

Part 2: Big Data and Open-source Fundamentals Certification

•    Describe the new best-practice to use in a big data analytics environment and how big data impacts the technology ecosystem

•    Explain why and how the open-source movement impacts the technology ecosystem

•    Explain the key factors to identify and use different data visualization technology to communicate data in context

Special bundle price for Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3 = $9800 (including online materials, Q&A session, exam fee and physical Role Certificate) 

Original Price per module:

Module 1: $3,500

Module 2

(Prerequisite: Completion of Module 1) 

After completing module 1 and module 2, you will become a Data Citizen who can help mitigate disruption in an organization of retail and supply chain functions.

Part 1: Quality Data Management Certification

•    Understand the importance of the data quality in data analytics

•    Understand how to improve the analytics accuracy by enhancing the data quality

Part 2: Data Visualisation Essentials Certification

•    Interpret, clean, relate and summarize data during data analysis

•    Design and build a data visualization dashboard with Apache Superset

•    Apply data visualization best practices to answer the business questions

Special bundle price for Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3 = $9800 (including online materials, Q&A session, exam fee and physical Role Certificate) 

Original Price per module:

Module 2: $5,100

Data Citizen Certificate (After completing Module 1 and 2 with exam)

Module 3

(Prerequisite: Completion of Module 2) 

For further development, you will become Citizen Data Scientist who can respond better to customer needs, pursue breakthrough ideas and trends by evaluating the latest market intelligence.

Part 1: Supply Chain Best Practices Certification

•    Analysis the Real Data with Tools Application

•    Discuss the Best Practices from real world Part

2: Data Analytics Essentials Certification

•    Create data models for analytics function on multiple data sources

•    Prepping the data with Jupyter Notebook, Python & SQL Lab and perform diagnostics analytics with Apache Superset

•    Select an appropriate machine learning algorithm at hand with Python & scikit-learn

Special bundle price for Module 1 + Module 2 + Module 3 = $9800 (including online materials, Q&A session, exam fee and physical Role Certificate) 

Original Price per module:

Module 3: $5,800

Citizen Data Scientist Certificate (After completing Module 3 with exam)

Module 4

(Prerequisite: Completion of Module 3) 

By completing the module 4, you can understand the indication of supply chain and perform strategies with Python, which can offer advanced analytics of correlation and patterns among different sources for supply chain management with instance alerts.

Part 1: Supply Chain Scorecard / Measurement Certification

•    Understand Supply Chain Scorecard and Measurements

•    Use Python as the programming language across all analytics processes

•    Use Python in data prepping tasks and prepare models for predictive analytics

•    Use Pandas – the Python Data Analysis Library, everything from importing spreadsheet data to processing sets for time-series analysis

Part 2: Python for Big Data Analytics Certification

•    Please stay with us, more detail is coming soon

Coming soon

Advanced Citizen Data Scientist Certificate (After completing Module 4 with exam)

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CDPOS™ (Certified Data Professional in Open-source Software) is an international Skills Certification designed specifically for Open-source Software.

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