Why GS1 Barcode

GS1 Hong Kong is the only authorised body to assign GTINs in Hong Kong


One Code. One Identity. Infinite Possibilities

GS1 HK barcode 489

GS1 barcodes give every product a unique identity, enabling your business to trade globally in physical and digital space, and improve efficiency across your supply chain. 

1. Hong Kong Prefix 489: Win the Consumers’ Heart

Hong Kong brands and products are renowned for their high quality and safety. A barcode starting with prefix 489 means that the product is provided by a Hong Kong registered company, which helps to enhance consumers’ confidence and strengthen company’s brand value. 

2. Sell to Leading Retailers 

Leading retailers, both overseas and local, have long been using GS1 barcodes to speed up the checkout process and optimise inventory management. Suppliers can get their products to market faster with the same barcode system and connect with retailers easily. 

Barcodes also facilitate product listing on major e-commerce platforms, as it is a prerequisite for merchants to list products on Amazon. Other e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, eBay, Google Shopping also recommend merchants to use GS1 barcodes (GTINs) for managing product catalogues effectively, helping shoppers to find, compare and buy products with ease. 

3. Reach More Customers by Enhancing Search Results

GS1 Barcodes serve as an effective conduit between bricks and clicks by seamlessly connecting online and offline channels.  Encoding the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and product data of your products web pages enables search engines to find the right products with the right information more easily, so that consumers can get accurate search results, increasing your online exposure.

GTINs help Google clearly identify your products by better understanding your online content.  Those products with correct GTINs receive up to 40% more user clicks and conversion rates increase up to 20% in their Google Shopping Ad.

As highlighted by Google in their recent blog post , unique product identifiers like Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) can improve Google’s understanding on products, suggesting brands and manufacturers to submit quality product data through Google Manufacturer Center for free, enabling retailers to have better search results and reach more customers online.

Tips from Google to brands and manufacturers:

- Ensure your products have GTINs
- Don’t reuse product identifiers
- Use valid and unique GTINs, never invent or “borrow” from other products

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4. Increase Business / Supply Chain Efficiency 

  • Automate work process & enhance information accuracy: Business can significantly speed up the work process as barcodes help automate the recording of information, eliminating the possibility of human input errors and accelerating the work process with higher accuracy and efficiency.
  • Facilitate accurate & consistent partners’ communications: Using GS1 barcodes as a reference key to enable automatic, accurate and fast data capture in different business systems such as product catalogue, information management and procurement systems, can facilitate data exchange with partners and streamline processes like sales, issuing shipment notice, invoicing, etc. 
  • Achieve accurate procurement & optimise inventory management: Business can track the product whereabout and automate warehouse operation with easy “scan, pick & pack” process using barcodes. By achieving just-in-time stock replenishment, space rental and other administrative costs can be significantly reduced. Some companies link their inventory control to online portals so that they can instantly update package status.

5. Eight Exclusive Rights for Being GS1 HK Member

  • Free usage of BarcodePlus platform, a cloud-based product and location management portal with registered brand owner / authorised distributor-defined production information, representing a trusted, authentic source of product information.
  • Generate QR code via BarcodePlus for sharing extended information of your products with consumers.
  • Free admission of GS1 HK Barcode Workshop, and plenty of networking / business matching opportunities at GS1 HK hosted seminars, workshops, conferences, summits, etc.
  • Access to GS1 HK Barcode Testing Service to ensure scanning quality
  • Tap into the over-1-billion WeChat active users market via barcode scanning.
  • Eligble to apply for Consumer Caring Scheme, a well-established programme to raise your company recognition.
  • Comply with Mainland Regulations to manufacture and distribute products in China. 
  • Access to dedicated customer service hotline for any enquiries about the usage of the barcode and membership benefits.

If you need a GS1 barcode, please subscribe as Full Membership (GS1 Barcode)


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