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GS1 Hong Kong is the only officially licensed organisation in Hong Kong with authority to allocate GS1 barcodes.

Hong Kong brands and products have long been renowned for their high quality and safety. You'll receive an official GS1 certificate, giving you the peace of mind that your barcode numbers are uniquely yours, internationally recognised and of authentic source

A barcode starting with the prefix 489 means that it is issued by GS1 Hong Kong, and that this product is operated by a Hong Kong-registered company. It will more easily facilitate companies to win the consumers’ heart, boost brand value and consumer confidence.

By Scanning GS1 HK Barcode through WeChat ‘Sweep’ Function

The number of monthly active users on WeChat has reached 1-billion on average as of August 2016, significantly outnumbering other social platforms. The infinite business potential of WeChat is self-evident for its extensive user base.  Through offering various interactive communication modes and accurate information pushing, WeChat helps build close relationships among merchants and users. Such strength  have turned WeChat into currently the most popular marketing channel in China.


WeChat has made its ‘Sweep’ function for barcode scan open to GS1 HK’s members, offering a chance to connect brand owners and consumers. As our members, you can now edit and upload product information onto the Barcode Plus platform.  Since then, Barcode Plus platform will upload your product information onto the WeChat platform once WeChat users scan physical product(s) through the ‘Sweep’ function.  This helps WeChat users gain instant access to information of your product(s) and will indeed enhance product visibility greatly.


Additionally, merchants can manage their own account and data on the Barcode Plus platform, as well as further editing and updating the latest product information.Through partnership with GS1 HK, you will be able to launch marketing and sales activities in GS1 HK WeChat accounts for reaching out directly to the ultimate consumers.  


For specific information regarding actual operations, please feel free to contact GS1 HK for more details. 

Leading retailers, both overseas and local, have long been using GS1 barcodes. Not only do barcodes help them speed up the checkout process, they also optimise inventory management. To connect with these renowned retailers, companies have to obtain barcodes for their products. Also, barcodes are required to sell the products on major e- commerce platforms.

The following big retail names use our barcodes:



If you plan to start business with key retailers in Hong Kong, click here to check our ezTRADE service. 

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Enhance search result

GS1 Barcodes serve as an effective conduit between bricks and clicks by seamlessly connecting online and offline channels.  Encoding the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) and product data of your products web pages enables search engines to find the right products with the right information more easily, so that consumers can get accurate search results.  Search engine giant Google, and an increasing number of e-commerce conglomerates such as Amazon, eBay and Tmall have already started to demand GTINs to enhance search results.  


Increase Online Exposure

GS1 Hong Kong’s BarcodePlus enables product information sharing among multiple e-commerce platforms to bring greater online exposure to your products. 

By using this worry-free management tool BarcodePlus, GS1 Hong Kong members can assign GTINs to their products, and keep them in online product catalogues, so as to effectively avoid duplication of barcodes.  Members also enjoy the privilege of free upload of their product barcodes and descriptions to BarcodePlus product information repository, which is accessible by their potential buyers and even consumers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and anywhere else in the world, via web or mobile apps. This enhances product exposure online.

According to The Measures for the Administration of Commodity Barcodes (《商品條碼管理辦法》) implemented by the Chinese Government in 2005, companies whose products are manufactured and distributed in Mainland China but with non-GS1 China GCP(Global Company Prefix) need to file their GTIN records with GS1 China.  GS1 Hong Kong provides free services to help members comply with this regulation, so that they can use their barcodes in China as they do anywhere else in the world.

A barcode's primary function is to carry the product data from the origin to the point of data capture. Verification of barcodes is therefore an essential quality control process to ensure that barcodes can be scanned at any point of data capture along the supply chain. GS1 Hong Kong members enjoy barcode symbol verification service with barcode testing service reports on the likely scanning performance of barcodes and how closely they conform to specifications.  A GS1 Hong Kong Barcode Verification Report that indicates the compliance level of your barcode will be issued upon the completion of testing.

We provide a series of training on barcodes and other GS1 standards to enable members to more easily adopt barcodes in their products and applications. The training covers key points in the rules of GTIN assignment, how to fully utilise the GS1 Company Prefix, ranging from the application to the ordering and inventory management and other areas. Also covered is how to print high quality merchandise barcodes to avoid possible loss resulting from poor quality printing, and how to utilise barcodes as an effective channel to retrieve consumer data so as to strengthen consumer confidence. 

GS1 Hong Kong members enjoy the privileged priority to participate in our various industry events and workshops covering major industry trends such as omni-channel strategies and supply chain solutions. These events also provide business matching opportunities to facilitate members exploring various opportunities. Click for more details.

Normally it only takes three working days to process a membership application. A dedicated customer service hotline has been established to cater for members’ enquiries regarding any issues about the usage of the barcode and membership benefits.

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