Cold chain management solution

With growing consumer concern over product traceability, quality and safety, it is vital for companies to adopt an efficient and reliable cold chain monitoring and management system throughout the whole supply chain. This not only ensures the quality and safety of environmentally-sensitive goods (such as perishable food and wines) but also greatly enhances brand integrity and performance, as well as operational efficiency. 

GS1 Hong Kong's RFID-based Cold Chain Management Solution is an effective and reliable tool to help stakeholders in the supply chain to optimise logistics management. Empowered by the global traceability platform ezTRACK and RFID sensor tags embedded in logistics units, full traceability and temperature condition can be achieved to assure product quality and safety during the whole logistics process.

For details, please go to ezTRACK.


Its functions and benefits include: 

  • Monitoring temperature and humidity – The solution monitors real-time variations of temperature and humidity at different points of the supply chain with the RFID tags embedded in the logistics units.  In case of incidents, alerts will be sent out and the unit where the incident occurs will be identified.  This guarantees freshness and safety of the goods.
  • Full traceability and visibility – Data on temperature, humidity, time and location is generated during the tracking and tracing process of shipments along the supply chain, to provide end-to-end visibility and help stakeholders manage the logistics process;
  • Sharing real-time information – Comprehensive real-time information such as temperature, humidity, time and location is shared among trading partners and customers globally through ezTRACK traceability platform;
  • Enhancing operational efficiency – Data generated from RFID tags can serve as an electronic record of delivery and thus speeds up the billing process. Information on temperature, humidity and location is also generated to facilitate data analysis, location mapping and inventory management
  • Reducing food waste – As the solution ensures product quality and improves product safety, waste and financial losses caused by disposal of spoiled goods will be reduced. 




DCH Logistics provides one-stop professional logistics services to its international branding clients in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China, including supply chain management, material sourcing, modern warehousing system, cold chain management (air-conditioned, chilled and frozen), repackaging, value-added services (VAS) freight forwarding, goods consolidation and distribution. In particular, DCH Logistics is committed to provide professional and diversified solutions for one-stop logistics supply chain, so as to reduce the client’s operation cost and enhance their market competitiveness.



Over the years, increasing number food safety incidents alert the importance of efficient food product recall and global food traceability at origin to ensure consumer safety. Therefore, DCH Logistics adopts GS1 Global Traceability Standard (GTS) and RFID-based Cold Chain Management Solutions in their food supply chain services to enhance global food traceability and supply chain visibility.



Business solutions

With the mission to ensure food safety throughout the entire end-to-end logistics from source to client, DCH Logistics extends the traceability application to its upstream suppliers. GTS is firstly deployed in the frozen fish category to identify the critical product processes points. On supplier side, unique GS1 codes like GTIN and SSCC are assigned to each packaged product and logistics units. All this outbound logistics unit information and shipment data will be shared to the relevant parties through a track and trace platform, ezTRACK, built on the Electronic Product Code Information System (EPCIS) visibility standard. DCH Logistics, as a logistics provider, can enjoy accurate traceability information from the platform and speed up the order processing upon product arrival.

To add more values to clients, DCH Logistics also adapts a RFID-based cold chain management solution tailored made to the temperature sensitive food products, such as confectionery. With the RFID sensors installed, temperature and humidity can be continuously monitored during each critical logistics point, including storage, packaging dispatching and delivered alongside the entire supply chain till client’s receipt confirmation. The montiored information can be constantly accessed through ezTRACK.



Key Benefits

Pioneer Positioning:

DCH is a pioneer of value-adding logistics service provider by serving safe and traceable products to its clients


Trading Partner Visibility:

Enhance end-to-end supply chain visibility to upstream and downstream trading partners

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