Global eCommerce Business

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To Start Your Global e-Commerce Business @eBay


To expand overseas markets, salesmen used to join international exhibitions and showcase their products to solicit right agents / buyers. Now some experienced eBay sellers is going to help you, and you don't have to learn complicated e-commerce skills. Suppliers can expand an additional supply channel effortlessly through an easy-to-use and distinctive SoldEazy’s Sourcing Platform. There are many world-class sellers on eBay, who have knowledge of individual markets and expertise in selling goods around the world. You can easily make sales in scale via top-rated e-com sellers, as long as you have quality products and provide the right product information, capitalising on the e-commerce development.


The competitive advantages the SoldEazy’s Sourcing Platform include:

  • Official cooperation with eBay
  • Match sellers and suppliers efficiently
  • List onto eBay with one click
  • One-stop logistics/shipping solution


What are the benefits for suppliers?

 Low cost to open up overseas markets

A hassle-free short-cut to expand global sales channels, no need to learn complex and ever-changing e-Commerce skills.

No impact on existing sales channels

You can arrange different sales limitations based on destinations, avoid impact on the existing established channels.

Receive payment before delivery

When eBay sellers receive an order for your product, they must first pay in the system before you arrange delivery.

 Simple order and delivery procedure

The Sourcing platform has integrated eBay and logistics systems, order information, customs clearance forms and the like, with automatic import function. Suppliers can easily complete the entire delivery work by sitting in the office.


Programme Services

  1. GS1 HK Members upload product information to SoldEazy’s Sourcing Platform

  2. eBay Sellers select products to sell on eBay shops

  3. eBay Buyers to place orders

  4. eBay Sellers to place orders to members

  5. GS1 HK Members arrange courier to pick up and deliver the products


How can the programme benefit you?

  1. No need to search for distributers, easily matching to top-rated sellers

  2. Enhance product exposure and expand into cross-border retail market

  3. Increase profit margin and achieve sales growth

  4. One-stop logistics and shipping solution

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