"Consumer Caring Scheme 2020" is Open for Applications Merchants Hope to Emerge Stronger with Excellent Consumer Care

Consumer Caring Scheme 2020

Hong Kong, 28 August, 2020 – The 10th “Consumer Caring Scheme” organised by GS1 Hong Kong is now open for applications. Hong Kong companies from all trades are cordially invited to apply before the closing date 30th September 2020. The judging criteria for this year has been revised taken account into the latest situation, with focus on four aspects: “Consumer Centric”, “Strive for Quality”, “Keeping Promises” and “Care for Employee”.

As the local retail sales continues to plunge, Peter Shiu, Legislative Councilor for the Wholesale and Retail functional constituency, said besides relying on the support from the Government, property developers or major landlords, the industry must also be proactive in times of adversity. “While Hong Kong Government needs to revitalize the market after the epidemic, SMEs must also be customer-centric and transform to address the latest trends in the consumption market. Providing seamless, quality service in both physical and digital worlds, and the tenacity to improvement, are vital to navigate through the crisis. I hope the industry can capitalise on technology to their tradition, to drive Hong Kong forward to the next generation of economy.”

Apart from discounts, premium service quality is also key to customers’ loyalty and repeat purchase, especially in the beleaguered market. CATALO, a leading health supplement brand in Hong Kong, agreed with the notion and planned to join the Consumer Caring Scheme 2020. “We know integrating online and offline experience for consumers is important, so we put QR codes next to every product in our retail stores to provide detailed product information and let shoppers to easily shop online. They can also use Whatsapp and mini-program in WeChat to buy our products or contact our customer service.” said Canace Lin, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Director. “The Consumer Care Award keeps reminding us to put consumer and employees at the centre of what we do, and make continuous improvement to stay competitive in the market.” (Video of CATALO’s interview: https://bit.ly/31y13hN)

Stepped into the Scheme 10th edition, over 150 local enterprises have been awarded as “Consumer Caring Company”. The judging criteria are fine-tuned as follows:

  1. Consumer Centric: Foster a positive experience at every stage of the consumer journey
  2. Strive for Quality: Enhance process, product and service quality by on-going improvement
  3. Keeping Promises: Demonstrate service commitment to gain consumers’ confidence & trust
  4. Care for Employee: Provide employees a friendly and supportive working environment with trust & respect

The scheme aims to encourage local enterprises to commit to the belief “Customer for Life”, through making continuous improvement on products, services and processes to build consumer confidence and thus nurture their retention. Endorsed companies will be entitled to use the “Consumer Caring” logo in marketing materials, with a commendation certificate or trophy. Scheme details, application and leaflet can be viewed and downloaded on GS1 HK’s website: https://www.gs1hk.org/industry-recognition/consumer-caring-scheme/overview.

“I’m very glad to see the Scheme entering its 10th edition. It has been supported by a wide array of industries, from food and food service, pharmaceuticals and health products, business and professional services, information and communication technology, entertainment and travel services to retail,” said Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong. “To stand strong in the current market, local enterprises must demonstrate excellence in consumer care and deliver services promises. ‘Consumer Caring Company’ is a solid seal to a company’s quality, helping to increase customer loyalty and business to emerge stronger.”

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