GS1 Hong Kong Endorses 66 Local Businesses in the Consumer Caring Scheme 2013

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Hong Kong – December 9, 2013 – 66 Hong Kong companies have been named “Consumer Caring Companies” in the Consumer Caring Scheme 2013 organized by GS1 Hong Kong for the third year, of which 25 of them have received the accolade for three consecutive years. This year, 28 newly joinedcompanies have become exemplars for other local enterprises. This indicates the growing importance of customer service across all aspects of business operations.

“The Scheme is designed to honour and recognize local companies that demonstrate distinguished consumer care and spirit in striving for excellence in high-quality products and superior services. We are grateful for having received an impressive number of participants in 2013. This year’s qualifiers all fulfil their commitments to customer satisfaction, which is an indispensable element in enduring good business practice,” said Anna Lin, JP, Chief Executive of GS1Hong Kong.

Open to all GS1 Hong Kong members, applicants were evaluated against seven core consumer caring values including: consumer care, sincerity, commitment, product quality and safety assurance, service quality, understanding of consumer behaviours, and caring for employees. The judging process comprisescompany visit, performance evaluation and consumer survey, all of which were conducted in an equitable, credible and professional manner.

The results were measured according to the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), a recognized business best practice aimed to achieve customer satisfactionthrough collaboration between businesses and trading partners. Finally, a market survey was conducted by Lightspeed Research to measure applicants’achievements in terms of the quality of customer care they provided to the general public. Those who had achieved an overall passing score would be recognized as “Consumer Caring Companies”.

The Consumer Caring Scheme 2013 Presentation Ceremony will be held on January 9, 2014 in conjunction with the GS1 Hong Kong Annual Members Dinner.

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List of recognized companies of Consumer Caring Scheme 2013:

(The list is in alphabetical order by organization name)

1.  3M Hong Kong Ltd

34.  Jointflex International Co Ltd

2.  A. R. Medicom Inc. (Asia) Ltd

35.  Kampery Development Ltd

3.  ADT Hong Kong Ltd

36.  Kar Kar Development Ltd

4.  Angel Beauty Co Ltd

37.  Kwok Shing Dispensary Ltd

5.  Angel Cosmetics International Ltd

38.  Linson Trading Ltd

6.  AQ Bio Technology Group Ltd

39.  Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd

7.  Arredamenti Co Ltd

40.  Memorigin Watch Co Ltd

8.  Asia Merchandising (HK) Ltd

41.  Morita Biotech (HK) Co Ltd

9.  Autotoll Ltd

42.  Nam Pei Hong Sum Yung Drugs Co Ltd

10.  B. S. C. Home Improvement Centres Ltd

43.  Nestle Hong Kong Ltd

11.  BioSlim Slimfit Centre

44.  Newer World International Corporate Ltd

12.  Canon Hongkong Co Ltd

45.  Original Taste Workshop Ltd

13.  Casablanca Hong Kong Ltd

46.  Pricerite Stores Ltd

14.  Chan Yin Kee Co Ltd

47.  Procter & Gamble Hong Kong Ltd

15.  Cheong Hing Store Ltd

48.  Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd

16.  China Aims Enterprises Ltd

49.  Sky Marble (HK) Ltd

17.  China Build Trading Ltd

50.  Spa Resources Co Ltd

18.  China Resources Vanguard (Hong Kong) Co Ltd

51.  Star Industrial Co Ltd

19.  Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Ltd

52.  Super Star Group

20.  Chuan Chiong Co. Ltd

53.  Swipe (HK) Ltd

21.  Colgate-Palmolive (H.K.) Ltd

54.  Swire Coca-Cola HK

22.  CR Care Co Ltd

55.  Taste of Asia Group Ltd

23.  Credit Gain Finance Co Ltd

56.  TeleEye Holdings Ltd

24.  Culture Homes (Outlet Stores Wholesale Centre) Ltd

57.  The Sincere Co Ltd

25.  Danny Catering Service Ltd

58.  Tick Shing Hong Industrial Co Ltd

26.  Eu Yan Sang (Hong Kong) Ltd

59.  Tiger Standard (HK) Ginsengs Co Ltd

27.  Ever Nice Industrial Co

60.  Toolbox - a Gilman Group Co

28.  FH Rehabilitation Products Manufacturing Co Ltd

61.  Truth & Faith International Ltd

29.  Forewide Co (Retail) Ltd

62.  Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd

30.  Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co Ltd

63.  Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd

31.  Hitachi (HK) Ltd

64.  Watson's Water

32.  Hongkong Post

65.  Wing Yip International Ltd

33.  Hung Fook Tong Holdings Ltd

66.  Wong Lo Kat (Enterprises) Ltd


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