GS1 Joins The World Wide Web Consortium To Improve The Future Of Product Identification and Visibility On The Web

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Brussels, 24 March 2014 – GS1, a non-profit, global organisation that develops and maintains the most widely-used supply chain standards system in the world and a leader in facilitating efficient international business, has today announced that they have become a member of The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).  GS1 will work with the W3C community to collaborate on standards that shape the future of identification and description of products and “things” on the Web.

With The World Wide Web celebrating its 25th Anniversary this month and GS1 celebrating its 40th this year, the partnership comes at a poignant moment for both organisations.  Becoming a member of W3C will bring a variety of benefits to GS1 including working closely and inputting on the standards that are built for the web, as well as allowing GS1 standards to be aligned and integrated with current web standards where appropriate.

Steve Bratt, GS1’s CTO and the former CEO of W3C, commented, “I believe that our organisations can work together in the coming years to bridge two important communities. This will result in increased impact of both GS1 and W3C in the realm of designing and implementing standards to further enable global commerce and logistics for the benefit of the industry and consumers.”

The partnership comes at a time where product information quality is a key priority for the industry and consumers. New GS1 standards are focused on making product information more visible in search engines and on web pages.


Miguel Lopera, President and CEO of GS1 added, “With the rapid growth of on-line trading, correctly identifying products and accurately providing all the relevant information across the web in a consistent manner is vitally important for consumer confidence and brand reputation. GS1 is providing the tools that industry can use to better share information in the digital world and ultimately to better connect with consumers.”

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