GS1 HK Anti-COVID-19 Measures at a Glance

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, GS1 Hong Kong have stayed vigilant and proactive to the health and wellbeing of our 8,000 members and staff. We have implemented all-round measures to protect our staff, visitors, members, and ensured our services are accessible to all members as usual while offering flexible options to members in times of adversity.

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Get in touch with us as always:

Telephone: +852 2861 2819



  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers for every staff

  • One masks a day for every staff at work

  • Disposable wipes and alcohol for staff to clean desk

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer/ wipes placed at reception,conference room & meeting rooms

  • Air purifier installed at conference room and meeting rooms

  • Office cleaning three times a day


  • Alternate short term office for half membership team staff as business continuity plan

  • Work from home arrangement



  • Special guidelines to staff in response to suspected / confirmed COVID-19 cases / quarantine arrangement

1. Classroom Training / In-house / Private onsite trainings

• We offer flexible arrangement as face-to-face gathering is discouraged, by either postponing the training or tailor-made for online session.

2. Free e-Learn Series

•  For members to grow and add value to their companies, FREE e-learn series are published on the following topics. Click here to watch.

  • E-learn series 5: Smart Operations (latest)
  • E-learn series 4: Trust with Traceability (Advanced)
  • E-learn series 3: Save with Innovations - Supply Chain Management
  • E-learn series 2: Win with Differentiation
  • E-learn series 1: Trust with Traceability

Stay tuned for more e-learn programmes.

HKSAR Government has set up Anti-COVID-19 fund and other financial aid to provide assistance to industries like retail, food & beverages, exhibition participants or organisers, transport, etc. please visit here for details.


Business can also apply for Technology Voucher Programme, a subsidy with ceiling of HK$600,000 for local companies in using technological services and solutions to improve productivity, or upgrade or transform their business processes. We can help facilitate your application process, contact us to know more.  Tel:2863 9754

As the economic tides quickly turn south, we are facing unprecedented challenges ahead. Yet we believe together, we can turn the tides around. We continue to walk side by side with you in improving response preparedness, supply-chain agility and transparency. Only by collaboration will we grow stronger as one.

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