REAL Visibility Solution

Protect your brand and build consumer trust

Today' s consumers become increasingly concern about product authenticity and demand total visibility of product information, from the very beginning of the source to the latest stock condition. GS1 Hong Kong launched the REAL Visibility solution, allowing consumers to easily verify product authenticity by a simple mobile scan and to access up to the minute traceability information. On the other hand, brand owners can increase consumer trust on its products as well as engaging and understanding better their customers’ preferences.

REAL Visibility is developed from using several state-of-the-art solutions: REAL Barcode, a patented product authentication technology; ezTRACK™, a global traceability platform; and ezSIGHT, an intelligence product with consumer analytics and insight.

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The next generation of product authentication, traceability and consumer insights

Empower Consumers with Instant Product Authentication & Traceability


Patented anti-forgery micro printing technology
Forgery copy can be easily detected
by the REAL Barcode mobile app

Immediate results from REAL Barcode scanning help verify whether the product is real or counterfeit 


Trace product origin & obtain trusted information 


Save consumers from potential harm 


Empower Brand Owners with Real-time Visibility on Scan Activities


Interact with consumers by providing trusted information in real-time 


Get alerted and obtain location & identity of counterfeit goods 


Track distribution channels & identify suspicious suppliers 


Save business from facing lawsuits, brand erosion & loss of revenue 


Capture data for big data analytics to understand consumer behavior & gain insights 


Unprecedented visibility & integrated consumer engagement starts with a simple scan



Gain consumer trustand detect fake items instantly


Consumer Engagement
Provide trusted product information and
direct consumersto an owned-media engagement channel


End-to-End Traceability
Monitor and track products at real-time
from the origin to the point of sale


Actionable Insights
Gain insights on consumer behaviour and createfuture touch point

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Building Consumer Trust on Product Quality against Product Counterfeiting


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