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Decoding the Secrets for Authentication and Customer Engagement

“It is remarkable that GS1 Hong Kong can offer one-of-a-kind solution in the market that integrates product authentication and member registration. We had sought help from overseas software engineer but somewhat difficult to work with, which is why we favour the integrated solution by GS1 Hong Kong and its partner.” 
Mr. Jason Li, Managing Director

Much progress has been made for the intellectual property development of technologies, logos and songs, but for product design, the piracy situation has yet to be under control. Jason Li, Managing Director of ThinkThing Studio, recalled designing an award-wining, octagon-shape based LED table lamp 10 years ago, and found the same product appeared in a large homeware store years later, using exactly the same mini-USB port, which is now outdated.

The company team took 2 years afterwards to engineer and produce a reusable, foldable, card-sized drinking straw, which received much acclaim and more than 3,500 orders via online crowdfunding. The drinking tube used certified food-grade recyclable materials sprinkled with patented antibacterial agent from Korea, made it easy to clean. Because of the product forgery experience in the past, the company has immediately applied for patent, and also determined to “fight the fakes” with technology.

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ThinkThing Studio uses "real code" for anti-counterfeiting and membership registration


The company used GS1 Hong Kong’s “REAL Barcode” solution that allows consumers to verify product authenticity and protect its brand. The solution integrated patented anti-forgery micro printing, multi-layered tamper-resistant security features and GS1 standards on barcode labels to prevent forgery.

To collect buyers’ opinions and improve existing designs, ThinkThingStudio turns the solution into part of its member programme to connect with buyers and build its user database. When the buyer scans the "Real Barcode" on the Ztraw package, a unique membership number will be automatically generated, equivalent to a Ztraw ID card. After filling in simple information, the buyer can receive discounts in future.

Endorsing the solution, the company believes it is unique in the market that achieves dual purposes: fight the fakes and collect customer data. With thousands of buyers registered, it will facilitate new product promotion in the future. Despite facing obstacles during deployment, GS1 Hong Kong and its technical partner had been committed to resolving the issues, ultimately fully meeting the needs of the company.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

• REAL Barcode

Real Barcode

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REAL Barcode benefits ThinkThing Studio in below ways:
1. Turn thousands of buyers into members quickly, enabling demographics analysis and targeted promotion;
2. Enable customers to authenticate products, which helps in building consumer trust and protecting brand

About the Company

Established since 2011, ThinkThing Studio Limited is a design and consulting firm that provides clients with innovative design solutions. Their works encompass products and packaging, graphics and identity, exhibitions and installations, content creation and editorial design, websites and social media marketing, fashion and styling.

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