A Healthcare Screen

A Health & Wellness Brand Protects its New Innovations with REAL QR


Warranting the Wellbeing of Brand with Patented Authentication Technology Background


With more than 14 years of history, the company invented a range of pain relief devices, household appliances, fitness equipment and health promoting gadgets for pets targeting mass consumers. It is enjoying global footprints across Asia Pacific, American and European markets, via an international network of authorised distributors. 

Unfortunately, with rising popularity, the brand’s names and products had been imitated by fraudsters, causing confusion and distress among consumers. Positioned as a premium brand, the company also likes to provide better after-sales service and experience for customers.

“The company has applied REAL QR tags on variety of wellness products since Aug 2020, and recorded a considerable amount of warranty registrations so far, developing a useful buyers’ database for future engagement.”
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The company adopted GS1 Hong Kong’s “REAL QR” solution on its healthcare products, enabling customers to easily verify product authenticity with a simple mobile phone scan. The secure anti-counterfeit solution – a patented anti-forgery micro-printing technology - helps build confidence and trust for consumers. 

To offer value-added service and connect with buyers, the company turns the solution into part of its warranty programme.  When buyers scan the "REAL QR" on the product package, a unique warranty number would be automatically generated. A simple registration procedure is followed, and customers will be entitled to a one-year warranty upon completion. 

Instead of filling and mailing hardcopy warranty documents, customers can enjoy credible and simple way of filing the protection plan online, leading to improved customer satisfaction and trust. On the other hand, the company can track the scan activities, manage users’ records and further engage with users, facilitating marketing promotion and repeated purchase, as well as cultivating customer loyalty.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied

GS1 HK’s REAL QR solution can advance both customer experience and company’s services:

  • Reinforce brand trust by letting buyers authenticate the products
  • Create delightful after-sales journey with easy, trustworthy warranty registration process
  • Capture buyers’ data for future engagement and sales potentials
About the Company 

Established in 2007, a HK-based company has developed a series of lifestyle enhancement, food production and energy saving / water treatment products and solutions powered by advanced proprietary technology, aiming to innovate for a better world.