Selling on eBay? Need a eBay product ID? GS1 numbers are now required for branded goods. 
eBay is improving the way they match items to buyer searches in specific categories by making it compulsory for ebay product ID to be used. Commencing 29 June 2015, sellers who list branded items in new or manufacturer refurbished condition are required to provide the item's product identifiers (ebay product ID) to complete new listings and manual relists in specific categories. These include GS1 barcode numbers or Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), which are the product's unique identification worldwide. The same number appears beneath the barcodes on most products retailed in shops around the world.

Why Need Barcode?

GS1 GTINs are unique product identifiers that sit under the barcode on almost every product, or against online listings. Previously referred to as an EAN in Europe or UPC in the USA, the GTIN is the correct term. eBay are now using these same numbers as product identifiers

Another benefit of using GS1 GTINs on eBay is that you will be able to surface your products on Google Shopping.  GS1 barcode serves as an ID in the global trade market, and widespread use of these codes can improve the supply chain ecosystem and encourage cross-industry collaboration. It allows the product to be identified at any point during the purchasing and shipping process. Buyers around the world will be able to search through more than one billion items offered by eBay sellers and be able to easily obtain information about the products, such as classification, brand and when it was launched. This will enhance traceability of goods and promote transparency in the marketplace.

And for sellers, the standardized barcode system will help streamline inventory management, operations and logistics. The barcode will also improve product traceability for the sellers, driving exposure and credibility among overseas buyers.

Brand building has become increasingly important for small-and-medium-sized sellers as a brand is a symbol of product quality and as a differentiator in a crowded marketplace.

The Consequence…
Starting from mid-year of 2017, missing or having invalid Global Trade Item Number (GTIN, the unique product identifier) will affect the traffic and exposure of listings. For the worst case, it might result in removal of listings. And from early 2018 onwards, eBay goes further for the GTIN specification. Sellers are required to fill in the product identifiers and the method of choosing item: ‘Does not apply’ can no longer be used.

For full instructions please read the latest eBay announcement and eBay partnership with GS1 China.


First Thing First…  
Getting GS1 barcode numbers from GS1 Hong Kong will ensure the numbers are unique and enable you to sell on eBay. Products can also be sold through shops by simply adding barcodes to the package.
Join GS1 Hong Kong today to create unique GS1 barcode numbers or GTINs for your products.

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