Quality Food Scheme

Why food traceability suddenly becomes so important?

After several food issue outbreaks and large scale food recalls in recent years, there is a surge of need for food traceability and food safety solutions. As food-related regulations around the world tightens, and the global food supply chain becoming more complex, companies are seeking ways to enhance their capabilities and fulfil the requirements. Food traceability not only plays an important role in food safety management, it is also the essential tool to build trust between food producers and consumers. Implementing traceability and food safety solutions can help companies to clearly identify safety, quality or legal risk for their products, which may lead to business and legal issues in serious cases. It also enables the timely withdrawal procedures from the supply chain, so as to avoid the loss attributed to prospective recalls, minimise disruption to trade and reduce potential public health risk. Traceability not only gives a full picture of the operations involved in food production, but also increases transparency and boosts trusts between stakeholders across the food chain. Even more, it provides information to end consumers, which helps in building consumer trust and enhancing brand image.


Quality Food Scheme

GS1 Hong Kong’s Quality Food Scheme (also name as Food Scheme) provides an all-round assessment based on the GS1 Global Traceability Standard and Global Traceability Conformance on interoperable food traceability. It defines a comprehensive set of traceability requirements suitable for local food businesses to achieve full-chain traceability. The standard also enables an end-to-end traceability system connecting the flow of information with physical products. In the event of an outbreak, the sharing of traceability information between trading partners in the supply chain is crucial to ensure a targeted and effective recall.

The Scheme aims to recognise local enterprises demonstrating excellence in food traceability system. By joining the Scheme, enterprises can learn the latest international standards, food traceability technologies and food safety solutions, ensuring that they adhere to the food safety standard of Hong Kong and enabling them to serve better and safer food to consumers.

Scheme participants will receive an independent assessment conducted by a team of professionals with diverse and extensive experience. Companies will then receive a full report on their strengths and areas for improvement, encouraging them to develop a roadmap for better food safety and traceability management.

Based on the assessment results, Diamond, Gold and Silver awards will be presented to the recognised companies in the annual award presentation ceremony. Winners are entitled to use the “Quality Food Scheme” logo in relevant marketing materials and enjoy additional exposure in media and GS1 Hong Kong’s publications.


Benefits for businesses

  • Build trust and business reputation among existing customer base, as well as throughout the food supply chain by providing a higher degree of transparency;
  • Improve efficiency in managing due diligence documentation and internal records by helping the business to adopt more time efficient and cost effective solutions;
  • Offer brand protection with simple and effective tools, enabling efficient management of critical situations such as product withdrawal and recalls in food incidents;
  • Capable to provide real-time and accurate documentation requested by trading partners, such as product specifications and production records;
  • Offer an efficient tool to test the efficiency of the company’s quality and safety management system,  as well as to perform gap analysis and continuously improve the system.

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The 22 winning enterprises of Quality Food Scheme 2018

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Silver Award Enterprise



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