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Quality Food Scheme


Quality Food Scheme 2023 / Quality Food Scheme Plus 2023

We have joined GS1 HK's Quality Food Scheme Plus for many years. Under the Scheme, our company was assessed by GS1 HK & SGS Hong Kong. As SGS is experienced in inspection, verification and testing services, we believe that such third-party evaluation can help our colleagues to better understand Hop Hing's advantages and room for improvements. Only by continuously optimising our food safety management and service standards, we can strengthen the consumers’ and business clients’ trust towards Hop Hing and fuel our business to grow steadily.

Hop Hing Oils & Fats (HK) Ltd.
 - Mr. Jack Leung, Chief Operating Officer-Hong Kong and Macau 



In fact traceability is an important element, since sustainable and environmentally friendly seafood is mainly about whether the food itself is of high quality and whether it is traceable. By joining GS1 HK’s Scheme, we can have higher confidence in the entire production process to provide high quality food. We definitely recommend the Scheme to the catering industry, or even fisheries and agriculture sector because sustainable seafood and traceable high quality products are global trends. If more people become aware of these concepts, they will also increase their support for these (traceability) initiatives.

Aquaculture Technologies Asia Ltd.
 - Mr. Felix Wai, Assistant General Manager



Through the framework of GS1 HK Quality Food Scheme, we commence from the management of raw materials, production, storage and delivery. Finally, to the sales level, there are a series of guidelines to follow so that we can meet the import regulations of various countries and export products. If it is necessary to additionally apply for relevant international quality management certificates. It is also easier to obtain approval because we have already followed international guidelines. Empowering us to open up new business overseas smoother. 

Sun Yik Food Ltd.
- Mr. Harvey Chan, Retail & Trading Manager



Quality Food Scheme 2021 / Quality Food Scheme Plus 2021

Food safety is a key priority for Dah Chong Hong. Quality Food Scheme Plus brought tripartite advantages to our company: (1) Enhanced food safety traceability and management; (2) Helped our employees gain deeper understanding on future direction and ares for improvement; (3) Strengthened brand image and boosted consumer confidence.

Sims Trading Co. Ltd. (Quality Food Scheme Plus 2021 : Diamond Enterprise)
DCH Food Mart (Quality Food Scheme Plus 2021 : Gold Enterprise)

Sims Trading


DCH Food Mart


As third party logistics providers, we need to foster closer collaboration among different stakeholders and processes in the food supply chain. By joining the Scheme, our company' s operation can be assessed based on global standards thoroughly and independently to ensure food safety. We hope industry practitioners can collaborate to build a more efficient, transparent and safer food supply chain.

Kerry Logistics (HK) Ltd.

Kerry Logistics


Quality Food Scheme 2020

Diamond Enterprise

We participate in the Scheme to ensure our supply chain are closely linked, increasing customers’ confidence in our food. It is my sincere advice to the industry to uphold their commitment to food traceability. It is not easy because there are challenges, long-term commitment and time. I will certainly recommend this Scheme to the industry peers.

Café de Coral Holdings Ltd.

Cafe de Coral


We are honoured to have won the highest level of award - Diamond Enterprise Award - for three consecutive years, and continued to attain 3 Stars top rating in Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) Index. Product quality and safety have always been the top priority of FrieslandCampina. Being recognised by GS1 Hong Kong is an affirmation to the company’s product safety and traceability at highest standards, which matter the most to consumers. We fully support and recommend industry players to join the Scheme.

FrieslandCampina (HK) Ltd.



Hop Hing Oil Group has an internal food traceability system. GS1 Hong Kong has provided us with professional assessment criteria which help us review our food track-and-trace. Through the adoption of global food traceability standards, we are able to smoothen the whole process, improve our management ability, increase visibility of internal resources and enhance our confidence in food monitoring.

Hop Hing Oils & Fats (HK) Ltd.

Hop Hing Oil & Fats


Maxim's continues to work hand-in-hand with our strategic partners to raise the bar on food safety and quality, in order that the customers could receive satisfactory service. I certainly encourage the industry to join the scheme as GS1 Hong Kong has provided with us a lot of insights in term of traceability system development.

Maxim's Caterers Ltd.

Maxim's Caterers


This is the second year for Nestlé Hong Kong Limited to join GS1 Hong Kong's Quality Food Scheme, and we are honored to have won the Diamond Enterprise Award for two years in a row. After participating in the Scheme, we further understood the latest trends and development in the industry, and we continue to optimise our internal workflow. At the same time, we enhanced our company image and strengthened consumers’ confidence in our brands.

Nestlé Hong Kong Ltd.



By participating in the Scheme, Sims Trading's products are guaranteed of high level of food safety and traceability, which helps us build consumer trust. Food safety is one of consumers' top concerns, so the fact that Sims Trading is awarded as Diamond Enterprise again, is a substantial confirmation of our extra effort in enhancing food safety and traceability.

Sims Trading Co. Ltd.

Sims Trading


We are very delighted to be awarded as “Diamond Enterprise” this year, our 4th in a row. This is also our 6th consecutive year being honoured in the Scheme, attesting to the industry's recognition of our commitments to food quality and safety. It is our policy to always strive for customer confidence and satisfaction in our products through effective adoption of the world's best standards and technologies for food management and traceability. To this end, the Scheme is a great initiative enabling us to review our operations from time to time for continual improvements.

Swire Coca-Cola HK

Swire Coca-Cola HK


As the main importer for chilled poultry in Hong Kong and Macau, we are glad to share the same business philosophy with GS1 Hong Kong and other outstanding companies in the F&B industry, which is our focus on food safety. Upon participation of the Quality Food Traceability Scheme, it continuously optimise our food safety policy, so that we can closely follow the expectations of customers in the market and meet our requirements for food safety.

Tong Shun Hing Poultry (HK) Co. Ltd.

Tong Shun Hing


We have joined the Scheme for 6 years. Through this Scheme, we can continuously strengthen and improve the food supply chain of our Company with detailed records, such as the country of origin, processing, packaging, and distribution. I believe that a higher standard of food safety is not only our primary goal, but also the ultimate objective of the food industry.

Tsit Wing International Holdings Ltd.

Tsit Wing


Quality is always Vitasoy’s top priority. Being awarded as the highest level “Diamond Enterprise” for the 4th consecutive year is again a recognition to our profession in implementing food safety and traceability standards in our supply chain management. Despite challenges brought by the COVID-19 in 2020, we adhere to our uncompromising principles in quality standards and provide our consumers with products of high quality.

Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd.



Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong has always strived for improvement, so we keep reviewing and enhancing our food safety management system. I think the industry needs a professional, credible and open platform to monitor food safety and traceability, so that the confidence for food safety would be increased. The Scheme meets that need by providing exactly such platform.

Wyeth (Hong Kong) Holding Co. Ltd.

Wyeth Nutrition


Gold Enterprise

It has been the 6th year since AEON joined the Scheme in 2015. The Scheme inspires us with new understanding of international standards and raises the awareness of our employees. The annual assessment can resolve unsatisfactory performance of the company and demonstrate the importance of the Scheme to our employees.

AEON Stores (HK) Co. Ltd.

AEON Stores


Through the scheme, it helps us enhance communication of the team and establish a more effective traceability system. With rapid technological development, traceability is important in the production process. As the food processing involves much manual operation, by joining the scheme, we can continuously enhance our technology knowledge and upgrade software/ hardware system.

DCH Food Mart

DCH Food Mart


We hope to cooperate with a credible organisation so as to assess our current food handling and safety monitoring capacity. Logistics service is closely linked. Doing well in logistics tracking enables us to enhance the visibility of the entire supply chain and also improve food safety monitoring. We hope the scale of this Scheme can continue to grow, continuously enhancing the entire logistics tracking system.

DCH Logistics Co. Ltd.

DCH Logistics


By participating in the Scheme, our customers would have confidence on our high level of food safety and traceability of IGF (Polyfood/Bayern Gourmet/Leo’s) products. This could increase our brand credibility and customer trust on our products. IGF is awarded as Gold Enterprise of 2020, this is a motivation and substantial confirmation of our team’s effort in reinforcing food safety and traceability.

International Gourmet Foods Ltd.

International Gourmet Foods


As one of the stakeholders in the food industry, ensuring food safety is our responsibility and obligation. We are honoured to receive the Gold Enterprise again this year, which is a strong recognition from the industry and GS1 Hong Kong. We hope to take food safety to a higher level via strengthened efforts and share this message with industry experts and practitioners.

Lorence & Co. Ltd.

Lorence & Company


We appreciate that GS1 Hong Kong awarded us the Gold Enterprise this year again, granting us an international recognition and global image. I feel that the Scheme can help raise the company's business and awareness, so every time I meet with industry peers, I would recommend the Scheme.

Sun Fat Heung Food Products Ltd.

Sun Fat Heung Food Products


We have already obtained ISO and HACCP certification, still we hope to optimise our food traceability systems and procedures by joining the Scheme, realising our principle of “Quality Founds the Brand”. The assessments of the Scheme helped to optimise our traceability system and monitor our production and sales processes on multiple levels.

Tai Luen Coffee Co. Ltd.

Tai Luen Coffee


Silver Enterprise

Our company has been established for 16 years, our stakeholders in different sectors all know the importance of our well-maintained supply chain, leading to food safety, traceability and sustainable development. GS1 Hong Kong has already established an assessment platform, so we want to make good use of it and let more companies and customers know our remarkable supply chain performance.

Aquaculture Technologies Asia Ltd.

Aquaculture Technologies Asia


This Scheme has a lot of positive impact on us, letting us know the operation of the food industry, the works on traceability and the ways to systematically trace the food origin. We have learnt a lot from the Scheme, and it also validates the vales of our substantial efforts. Of course it shows us there are rooms for improvement too.

Starjet Trading Ltd.

Starjet Trading