Enterprise Put Extra Focus on Customer Service As Retail Sales Decelerated 94 Local Companies Recognised at The 8th "Consumer Caring Scheme" Breaking the Scheme Record


Enterprise Put Extra Focus on Customer Service As Retail Sales Decelerated

94 Local Companies Recognised at The 8th "Consumer Caring Scheme" Breaking the Scheme Record


Hong Kong, 11 January 2019 - GS1 Hong Kong announced the results of the 8th "Consumer Caring Scheme", where a record-breaking of 94 local enterprises were awarded as "Consumer Caring Companies". Through a series of rigorous assessment, they were commended for providing consumers with safe and high quality products and first-class service. 34 companies received the “Consumer Caring 5 years+” Award, applauding their perseverance and commitment to consumer care for more than 5 years. 


Data from the Census and Statistics Department of the HKSAR Government released on 3 January showed that, the retail sales in November 2018 is decelerated, reflecting more cautious consumption sentiment in the face of various external uncertainties such as volatilities in the global financial markets.  Various Scheme Awardees sensed the slow-down of the retail market, and believed making customer-centricity the number one goal to deliver personalised service and shopping experience to break through the clutter.


“While consumer sentiment could be affected by the external uncertainties these days, it is prime time that enterprises should place consumer experience as one of their business priorities, offering customized service and preserving customer loyalty consistently," said Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong.


Consumer Caring Companies in this year come from a variety of industries, including food, pharmaceuticals and health products, business and professional services, information and communication technology, entertainment and travel services, retail and shopping (Please refer to the Appendix for details). They have been assessed through different reviews, including field visits and consumer surveys.  Judging criteria is based on seven core consumer caring values, including consumer care, sincerity, commitment, product quality and safety assurance, service quality understanding consumer behaviours and caring for employees.  They all showed their first-class service and performance, as well as consumer satisfaction with the company.


“More than a hundred of local businesses across industries have been recognized as “Consumer Caring Companies” since the launch in 2011, symbolising quality and virtue. The award-winning companies have displayed the effective use of international standards, information technology, and the optimisation of supply chain management to improve business processes to enhance consumer satisfaction. I would like to extend my congratulations to all the award-winning companies and look forward to more award-winning companies in the coming year which brings more quality services and products. " said Ms. Anna Lin.


The award ceremony will be arranged on 12 March at InterContinental Hong Kong Hotel. For more information about “Consumer Caring Scheme”, please visit www.consumercaring.com.


List of recognised companies of Consumer Caring Scheme 2018

5 years+ Awards

1 3M Hong Kong Ltd 18  Hung Fook Tong Holdings Ltd
2 AQ Bio Technology Group Ltd 19 Linson Global Seafood Trading Ltd
3 Autotoll Ltd 20 Luk Fook Holdings (International) Ltd
4 Casablanca Hong Kong Ltd 21 Memorigin Watch Co Ltd
5 Chan Yin Kee Co Ltd 22 Morita Biotech (HK) Co Ltd
6 Cherry 23 Nestle Hong Kong Ltd
7 Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group 24 Original Taste Workshop Ltd
8 Chuan Chiong Co Ltd 25 Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd
9 Colgate-Palmolive (H.K.) Ltd 26 Super Star Food Manufactory
10 CR Care Co., Ltd 27 Swipe (HK) Ltd
11 Danny Catering Service Ltd 28 Swire Coca-Cola HK
12  Eu Yan Sang (Hong Kong) Ltd 29 Taste of Asia Group Ltd
13 Forewide Co (Retail) Ltd 30 Tick Shing Hong Industrial Co Ltd
14 Giormani 31 Tiger Mark (HK) Ginsengs Co Ltd
15 Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co Ltd 32 Vitasoy International Holdings Ltd
16 Health Aims Organic & Functional Food Specialty Shop 33 Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd
17 Hongkong Post 34 Watsons Water


5 Years Awards

2 Okia Optical Co Ltd 4 Wallace International Marketing Ltd


Award Winners (of 2 or more consecutive years)

1 95 International Co Ltd - La Raine 19  Mead Johnson Nutrition (HK) Ltd
2 Bonjour Holdings Ltd 20 Nu Life International (Asia) Ltd
3 CATALO Natural Health Foods Ltd 21 Nu Skin Enterprises Hong Kong, LLC
4 Chaisentomg Pharmaceutical Factory Ltd 22 Okian Optical Co Ltd
5 Crown Gas Stoves (Holdings) Co Ltd 23 Pricerite Home Ltd
6 Deco Classic Ltd 24 Smartech
7 Dr. Health Ltd 25 Tai Wo Tung Medicine Co Ltd
8 eprint Group Ltd 26 The International Medical Co Ltd - Citracium
9 FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Ltd - FRISO 27 The International Medical Co Ltd - Ricqles
10 FrieslandCampina (Hong Kong) Ltd - OPTIMEL 28 Top Soya
11 Hair Again 2000 29 Tung Chun Soy Sauce and Canned Food Co Ltd
12 Hong Kong Zihua Pharmaceutical Ltd 30 UA Cinemas
13 Imperial Parking (Hong Kong) Limited 31 wishh!
14 Kai Tak Cruise Terminal (managed and operated by Worldwide Cruise Terminals) 32 Wyeth (Hong Kong) Holding Co Ltd
15 KIWI HOUSE 33 YesNutri
16 Lee Kum Kee 34 You Beauty
17 Mainland Headwear Holdings Ltd 35 Yummy House International Ltd
18 MaxiPro (Asia) Ltd - Kakato Premium Pet Food    


New Awardees

1 4M Industrial Development Ltd 12 Kwong Tai Medicine Company Ltd
2 Amazing Delights Limited - divine 13 Life 720 Company Limited - SDTL
3 Charm Nice Corporation Limited - BE Youth 14 Mekim Limited - Meka
4 China Resources Vanguard (HK) Co Ltd - U select 15 Nu Pharm Limited
5 Cityline (Hong Kong) Limited 16 Pomelo Leaf (HK) Ltd
6 Come In Enterprises Co Ltd - HOMEI 17 Purepro Water Hong Kong Limited
7 csl. 18 Sa Sa Cosmetic Company Limited
8 Dah Chong Hong Holdings Limited 19 Tung Fong Hung Medicine CO., LTD
9 Harbour Cruise – Bauhinia 20 UDomain
10 Health Boost International Ltd. 21 Zhong An Ya (HK) Trading Ltd - U100
11 Kwok Kam Kee (HK) Ltd    

(in alphabetical order by brand or company name)

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