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Aiding The Domestic Appliances Go International

“SCOTT’s products are sold in the global markets, so with GS1 global barcode standard, we can be uniquely identified as the one-and-only in the world without fear of counterfeit. From now on, we can stay focus to expand our global footprints and gain international recognition!” 
Tiffany Chan
Tiffany Chan
Sales Manager

With the prevalence of customers’ multi-channel shopping behavior, companies are broadening their offerings through an increasingly complex mix of online and offline means. SCOTT, a brand that specializes in beverage, food preparation and cooking appliances like coffee machine and cook blender, is also striving to offer goods and services seamlessly across O2O, via its own website, pop-up roadshows and counters in department stores.

SCOTT started in France since 2014. In 2017, SCOTT launched their product in Hong Kong by leveraging multiple e-marketplaces to expand its sales channels, aiming for global customers with specific regional markets like Hong Kong, UK and France. The brand believes their hero product, an ultra-slim, fully automated coffee machine needs more traction, so they turn to the e-retailer channels such as Amazon, to raise their product profile, advocate quality and increase sales in the global market.

GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)

Scott UK Limited

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To sell products on Amazon, SCOTT was asked to add a product identifier, or GTIN, to uniquely identify the specific products listed on the site. By doing so, sellers like SCOTT can help to maintain the high quality shopping experience on Amazon. The global standard allows greater visibility of SCOTT’s products by better referenced on the e-marketplace when consumers conduct search, and increase sales by cross-selling opportunities, helping the brand achieve its objectives.

With GTIN, Amazon can have a standardised way to improve the quality of their product catalogue. They first verify the authenticity of product GTINs by checking the GS1 database, and then identify which products are related so they can best group similar products together for buyers to compare and purchase, enhancing shopping experience.

Not only does the GTINs fulfil the need for the product listing on Amazon, but it also helps some of SCOTT’s retail partners who use the same global standard to maintain their inventory easily and speed up the check-out process in their physical outlets.  

In fact, major online platforms like Alibaba, eBay, Google, Walmart are either requiring or demanding sellers to adopt GS1 GTIN standard, for uniquely identifying their products in global e-commerce. Failing to do so may lose visibility within the search results or even be disapproved by the platforms. SCOTT is considering to expand its presence to these online retailers, again capitalising on the use of GTIN.


The GTIN usage in e-marketplaces boasts profound impacts for SCOTT:

  1. Made online, global listing convenient and easy as it can be used worldwide
  2. Gain visibility in Amazon through being better referenced on the marketplace
  3. Increase sales by receiving additional up-selling
  4. Helps its partners to manage their supply chain more efficiently
About the Company

Originally from France, SCOTT offers consumers a premium, high quality small domestic appliances, specialising in beverage, food preparation and cooking appliances. Their extensive knowledge allows them to deliver innovative, human-oriented products for consumers seeking a comfortable home lifestyle. SCOTT appliances are designed for functionality, style, convenience and ease of use, which are sold extensively in France, UK and Hong Kong.