Practice Note on Cold Chain Management to Enable the Sustainable Development of Logistics Industry


GS1 HK supported the Hong Kong Logistics Association in developing a code of practice for the “Cold Chain Logistics Management System”, funded by the Trade and Industry Institutions Support Fund of the Trade and Industry Department (TID).

Under the project, the industry can not only be equipped with most updated industrial knowledge, but also be benefited from an optimized managerial and operational procedure.

Key Project Objectives:

  • Assist the industry in establishing a code of practice that is effective and applicable to the cold chain logistics management in Hong Kong
  • Improve the effectiveness of existing cold chain logistics management system
  • Minimise food safety incidents and risks due to poor management of cold chain logistics

GS1 HK helped in engaging companies to participate in the pilot study, and sharing ideas on the application of global standards, such as Global Traceability Standards (GTS), unique identifications of date/time/location to drive the long-term development of the local cold chain management system. 

>>> Code of practice for the Cold Chain Logistics Management System


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