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Hang Cheong Loong


Building Consumer Trust on Product Quality against Product Counterfeiting


Through GS1 HK's REAL Visibility solution, our customers can buy a variety of authentic Hang Cheong Loong products that help further boost our sales.

-- Mr. Eric So, Managing Director, Hang Cheong Loong



According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, total sales of health food in Mainland China surged to RMB237.6 billion in 2017. Nonetheless, the quality of the health-related products varies so vastly in the Mainland market that consumers tend to trust Hong Kong or foreign brands.

Established for more than 40 years, Hang Cheong Loong (H.C.L.) places consumer health and safety as its top priority. H.C.L. is determined to take a proactive approach to safeguard the health of customers, boost consumer trust and protect the brand image.

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GS1 standards used or solution (s) / service (s) applied
  • REAL Visibility


Upon the advice of GS1 Hong Kong, H.C.L. decided to adopt the “REAL Visibility” solution on its hot seller. REAL Visibility is an innovative solution that offers consumer instant product authentication and traceability, while empowering brand owners with real-time visibility. The solution seamlessly combines barcode, patented cryptographic technology, ezTRACK™ - the global traceability platform, and internet applications that offer consumer analytics and insight.

The barcode printing files with hidden encryption pattern were issued to H.C.L., for printing on the product packaging. Shoppers can simply use the mobile app to authenticate the barcode printed on the package. If the product barcode cannot pass the authentication, it could possibly be a counterfeit and the result would be transmitted back to the owner, so that response plan like anti-counterfeiting action or more brand education can be taken accordingly. Without the need to adjust the retail POS checkout system, the solution is easy to implement, cost effective and highly secure.


By making use of the REAL Visibility solution and trusted e-Marketplace, H.C.L. is able to:

  1. Enhance consumer confidence by allowing them to verify product authenticity;
  2. Demonstrate H.C.L.’s commitment to the safeguard of consumers’ health.
About the Company

Hang Cheong Loong Bird's Nest & Ginseng Ltd. is a Chinese medicine wholesaler and retailer. It has been set up for a long time, and is renowned for selling genuine products at reasonable price. The company provides a great variety of health food, including cordyceps, ginseng, swallow's nest (bird’s nest), pearl, dried seafood, etc. Its business covers Mainland China, Hong Kong and many other countries and regions.

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