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In 1999, the SMEs Advisory Board was formed to help enhance the competitiveness and efficiency of SMEs by driving their adoption of best practices in supply chain management and e-commerce. Besides endeavouring to raise the community’s awareness of the diversified and distinct needs of this sector, it is also the board’s aim to help SMEs to make rapid and sustainable improvements in supply chain performance so as to sustain their operations and competitiveness in a volatile economy. Since 2010, the board has offered strong backing to GS1 Hong Kong’s role as a business advisor to the Support and Consultation Centre for SMEs (SUCCESS) established under the Hong Kong Trade and Industry Department.

Drawing on the board’s professional support, GS1 Hong Kong has been providing consultancy services to SMEs in applying for a Branding, Upgrading and Domestic Sales (BUD) dedicated fund. This fund was established by the HKSAR government in 2012 to finance successful applicants to explore and enter the mainland China market through brand development, operational upgrade and restructuring as well as domestic sales promotion. GS1 Hong Kong has since successfully assisted its various SME members to secure BUD funding to upgrade their warehouse operations as well as offering them consultancy on project design and implementation to achieve upgrades in supply chain and logistics operations.

As today’s’ consumers are increasingly digital-savvy, companies have started to formulate digital strategies to win their hearts. The Committee lines up with professional parties to help members maintain their competiveness with various digital means. One of the initiatives is to leverage GS1 Hong Kong’s “Consumer Connect” mobile app as an innovative means to help consumers instantly obtain trusted product information by scanning product barcodes. In addition, through the collaboration with professional marketing agencies, this app provides consumer insights, which is crucial for businesses to formulate effective marketing strategies and meet consumers’ needs.

The board accommodates a maximum of 16 board members from the SME sector. Board meetings are held regularly to share views and latest development in e-commerce. Under the auspices of the Board, standing committees and task forces may be set up whenever needed to carry out related activities on an on-going basis or project basis respectively. These committees and task forces meet as required.




Ms Angel Cheung

Angel Cosmetics International Ltd.


Mr William Chan

Chan Yin Kee Co Ltd.

Business Development Director

Ms Rita Lo

Harmonic Health Pharmaceutical Co Ltd.

General Manager

Ms Covin Chan

Mekim Ltd.

Trade Channel Marketing Manager

Ms Erica Kwok

Morita Biotech (HK) Co Ltd.

Marketing Manager

Ms Gigi Lau

Royal Medic (Holdings) Ltd.

Senior Business Manager

Ms Juanna Hung

Wai Yuen Tong Medicine Co Ltd.

Brand Marketing Manager

Mr Eddie Lau

Yummy House International Ltd.

Sales & Marketing Manager

Mr Joseph Ho

Zenith Cosmetics Trading Co Ltd.

Managing Director


*Board membership is generally offered upon board's invitation only.

If you are interested in joining any SMEs Advisory Board activities, you may write to

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