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ezTRADE User Committee


The ezTRADE User Committe (former named for The Electronic Commerce Users’ Committee (ECUC)), with the composition of ezTRADE users, was set up in 1999 to monitor ezTRADE service including service quality and enhancements and to promote the use of electronic commerce in Hong Kong. The Committee oversees ezTRADE service development including functional development, message development & implementation, SCM concepts implementation, vendor solutions, etc. It also serves to endorse and prioritise future ezTRADE developments, find out new users’ electronic commerce and ezTRADE requirements and provide feedback on GS1 Hong Kong’s electronic commerce initiatives.

Cuttently ezTRADE is serving diverse spectrum of industry sectors to retail consumer goods, healthcare, food & catering services and cosmetic.  The Committe also elicits feedback from these business communities to enrich the membership composition and developments of the ezTRADE programme. The Committe also renews its service contract with its platform vendor every five years. 

Comprised of ezTRADE users of various business natures, the Committee is dedicated to monitor and improve service quality of ezTRADE as well as providing timely and relevant feedback on the electronic commerce initiatives introduced by GS1 Hong Kong from time to time. Committee meetings are held four times each year for members to share views on ezTRADE service and electronic commerce development.






Ms Wendy Lam   The Dairy Farm Company Ltd.






Mr Terence Wu


AEON Stores (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd.

Mr Alan Yeung 


Dah Chong Hong Holdings Ltd.

Mr Simon Tsoi


Hong Kong A.S. Watson Group

Mr Leo Lee


Hospital Authority

Mr Will Ngai


Maxim's Caterers Ltd.

Mr Andrew Wong


Zuellig Pharma Ltd.

Membership is open exclusively to ezTRADE users. Please contact for details.  

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