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The ezTRADE User Committee (former named for The Electronic Commerce Users’ Committee (ECUC)) was set up in 1999, and is composed of ezTRADE users from key business sectors. ezTRADE is a standard-based B2B platform currently serving a diverse spectrum of industry sectors, including retail consumer goods, healthcare, food & catering services and cosmetics.  


  • Monitor ezTRADE service including service quality and enhancements and promote the use of electronic commerce in Hong Kong
  • Oversee ezTRADE service development including functional development,  SCM concepts implementation, vendor solutions etc
  • Endorse and prioritize future ezTRADE developments, find out new users’ electronic commerce and ezTRADE requirements
  • Provide feedback on GS1 Hong Kong’s electronic commerce initiatives
  • Elicit feedback from these business communities to enrich the membership composition and developments of the ezTRADE programme

In 2019, the Committee renewed the 5-year service contract with Open Text (HK) Limited (formerly GXS (HK) Limited) effective from 28 Aug 2019. With the guidance of the Committee, the ezTRADE platform has been upgraded with a better service performance and user experience in 2020.

Board Structure & Members

Comprised of ezTRADE users from various business sectors and leading companies, the Committee is dedicated to monitor and improve service quality of ezTRADE. 

Terms of Reference

  1. Committee meetings will be conducted four times each year for users to share views on ezTRADE service and electronic commerce development.
  2. Committee membership is by invitation only.

Board Structure, Roles and Responsibilities

1. Chairman / Vice chairman 

  • Preside over all meetings
  • Sign off meeting agenda and minutes
  • To call for ad-hoc meeting when applicable

2. Secretariat

  • Staff designated by GS1HK
  • Organize the committee meetings
  • Committee member recruitment and maintenance 
  • Prepare agenda and minutes 
  • Plan & organize agreed programmes

3. Committee Members

  • Participate at board meetings
  • Lead/participate at workgroup
Name Company
Ms Wendy Lam DFI Retail Group


Name Company
Ms Helen Ho CUHK Medical Centre
Ms. Vincy Leung A.S. Watson Group
Mr Leo Lee Hospital Authority
Mr Andrew Wong Zuellig Pharma Ltd.

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