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E-commerce has evolved to the new phase of “O2O” (“online to offline”), in which consumers can scan the barcodes offline, obtain and finish their transactions online, and receive or pick up their purchases offline. To bring the best O2O experience to consumers, online retailers need to use the unique product identifier-barcodes as an effective conduit between bricks and clicks by seamlessly connecting online and offline channels.


An increasing number of e-commerce conglomerates such as Amazon, eBay and Tmall and search engine Google have started to demand GS1 barcode numbers to enhance search results, product identification and big data analytics.  Companies who are exploring online business nowadays will be to be asked for barcodes, GTIN or other GS1 product identifiers, especially for selling on online marketplaces.




GS1 Hong Kong’s BarcodePlus, a product and location information portal, which increases product online exposure as it enables product information sharing among multiple e-commerce platforms.


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