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You need GS1 barcodes

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How to sell on Google?



To sell your products on Google Shopping feeds, whether via Free Listing on Google Search or on the Shopping Tab, you will need to add a valid product identifier, i.e., a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).  This ensures the right product gets into the hands of the consumer as well as improving your conversion rates.  Another important reason is that any files of data submitted to Google Shopping that contain invalid product identifiers will not be processed.

GS1 Hong Kong is the only officially licensed organisation with the authority to issue barcodes (GTINs) locally with “489” prefix.

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Tips from Google

For Brands & Manufacturers   For Retailers & 3rd Party Sellers

Ensure that Google understands the data you are providing:

•    Ensure your products have GTINs

•    Don't reuse product identifiers (GTINs)

•    Use valid and unique GTINs, never invent or “borrow” from other products


Ensure accurate product identification on your websites:

•    Submit high quality product data

•    Provide a GTIN, when GTINs exist

•    Use valid and unique GTINs


Apply for GS1 HK membership and get barcode number to sell your product worldwide



Get Barcodes for Selling on Google

  1. Join GS1 Hong Kong as a member.
  2. Log in to GS1 HK BarcodePlus – a product information management portal - to obtain barcode numbers with prefix ‘489’ that indicate the products are supplied by a registered company in Hong Kong.
  3. Brands & manufacturers can submit product data through Google Manufacturer Center for free.  Submit the barcode numbers (GTINs) when creating product feeds on Google

GS1 HK membership categories and fees

Membership Category Number of Employees Entrance Fee (HK$) Annual Fee (HK$) Total (HK$)
A 1-9 3,980 3,980 7,960
B 10-99 9,290 9,290 18,580
C 100 or above 9,290 14,600 23,890

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