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With the growth in the diversification of on-line sales channels and platforms, consumers or even search engines are challenged to determine whether two web pages about a product are actually referring to the same one, due to the frequent verifications of product naming on different on-line sales platforms.   

GS1 SmartSearch standard is intended to lay a foundation to make it easier to discover products and understand information about them on the Web.

GS1 Web Vocabulary Standard and an implementation guideline have been developed to show how to use GS1 GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) for structured data used in web page development to facilitate more efficient and accurate web searches.


  • Machine Readability – Using structured data online helps search engines to better understand their products

  • Higher Rankings – Search engines prioritize the web-content they understand, placing the product page into a higher ranking

  • Enhanced Search Results - Structured data helps search engines provide consumers with more concise and relevant results

  • Communicating Authentic Information – Search engines deliver more reliable search results using trusted information from brand owners

  • Improved sales strategies - Structured and accurate data helps merchants differentiate their content, drive traffic and grow sales

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